HUB IT Sync & Charge Station Unboxing

Sync and charge up to 7 devices with the HUB IT Sync & Charge Station. What’s more you can add cartridges that work with your particular device. The HUB IT Sync & Charge Station can take care of the charging needs for a wide range of Android, Windows

Out of the box the HUB IT Sync & Charge Station comes with  one mini-USB connector, a micro- USB connector, one 30-pin connector compatible with older iPhones, and a lightning cable for those with an iPhone 5 or newer.

Jon gives you a quick overview of the HUB IT Sync & Charge Station and what you’ll be getting.

If you like what you see head on over to our website via the Blue button and get yours for £62.99

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Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen Bands

Moto_E_Band_Kit_2guwn1qxu copy

If you have the Moto E 2nd Gen, the one with 4G you can add a little extra colour to them with the Moto E 2nd Gen Bands.

In the video the Jon has the Blue, Yellow and Red bands. We also have a pack with Turquoise, Purple and Raspberry plus another with Black and White.

To change the band on your Moto E 2nd Gen, the one with 4G remember simply find the recess at the bottom left corner and remove the band already on it.

They are a great way to add a splash of colour or identify yours.  To pick your Moto E 2nd Gen Bands choose from the Blue button below.

Turquoise, Purple and Raspberry £15.99

Blue, Yellow and Red

Black and White £12.99

HTC One M8s – register your interest

HTC-One-M8s-Main-blogHTC have now released their flagship phone for 2015 in the One M9, already dividing critics just as their previous releases have done. So what for the trusty M8 from 2014?

Traditionally we see the previous year’s model reduce in price as the takeover happens. This year though, it looks like HTC will be replacing the M8 entirely with a slightly redesigned One M8s.

The original M8 will remain on sale as the last stock is sold through, however it looks like production of this will end and the assets used to manufacture the new ‘s’ model.

What’s the difference?

There’s actually not a huge amount of change. This isn’t a ‘mini’ phone, instead it is the exact same body dimensions with a different specification list. You’ll have a tough time telling an M8 from an M8s when faced with them, although that is probably part of HTC’s branding plan.

The 2 big changes come in form of the processor and the main camera. The M8s will use the new octa-core Snapdragon 615 (1 GHz & 1.7 GHz quad-core combo) over the original’s 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801. The change sounds big on paper, although in reality will have little difference for the average user.

What it does do is reduce the manufacturing costs which should be passed on to the retail value. Battery performance should also be improved with more intelligent processing and the update to Android Lollipop and Sense 7.

HTC have also dropped their Ultrapixel technology from the back of the phone and decided to use a standard 13 MP unit. This also includes Optical Image Stabilisation and the new HTC EYE Experience application with new features for automatic selfies, filters, editing and more.

We’re waiting on arrival dates for the new One M8s, which is expected in both gray and silver finishes.

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HTC One M8s at a glance

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 7
  • Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor / 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB storage / micro SD up to 128 GB
  • 5.0″ full HD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 13 MP main camera with OIS / 5 MP selfie camera
  • HTC EYE Experience camera suite
  • Brushed aluminium finish in gray or silver
  • HTC BoomSound dual speakers

Pioneer AVH-X8700BT & SPH-DA120 Head Units Available

Enjoy Android Auto & Apple CarPlay with Pioneer

avh-x8700bt_eu_ur_blue_left_b2Have you recently updated your smartphone? Are you sporting a new iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia Z3? Perhaps you took the plunge a little while ago and have something slightly older but still powerful in your pocket like a Samsung Galaxy S5.

How well does that new phone interact with your car?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, what was included at purchase or how much money you’ve put (or not) into customising it, you could be wirelessly streaming or just sticking an analog aux. cable into the headphone socket.

When you’re carrying a portable computer with a dozen different connectivity options, the latter isn’t really very progressive.

If you’ve been thinking about how you could improve your in-car experience, then you may have come across some information regarding both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

The new Pioneer AVH-X8700BT at £525 caters for both and the slightly lower-specced SPH-DA120 available for £358.80 just features Apple’s system.

Read more on Android Auto & Apple CarPlay after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 – £189 – 24th April

Samsung_Galaxy_Xcover_3The 3rd generation Xcover, the Xcover 3 will be arriving in stock at Clove by the 24th April.

Sold as a SIM free handset and grey in colour, it can be yours for £189 including VAT.

An Android phone with 8GB of internal storage, other features include:

  • IP rating – Get it wet and use it wet as a bit of water does not stop the Xcover
  • MIL-SPEC-810G – Able to withstands drops from height, it will keep working when others do not
  • Android OS – Personalise the look and feel of the screens and applications adding your favourite apps from the Play store.
  • 4G connectivity – Upload and download content at speed allowing you to get more done on the go.
  • 4.5” touchscreen – Interact by touch, tap, swipe, pinch and zoom all on a screen that offers a balance of productivity and usability

For more information or to purchase one, just follow the button below.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

BIG Launcher – Big on Features – Big on Abilities

Big Launcher

True to its name Big Launcher is big. It also does exactly what it says. Big Launcher makes your buttons big and easier to see.

If you already have a phone or tablet and are happy with it, you might just want to spend the £8 for this app instead of splashing out for a new phone. When you have purchased Big Launcher you can take it with you to any new device, so if your current phone needs changing you can download the app again.

With a choice of three text sizes, for those with very poor eyesight the ‘bigger’ and ‘biggest’ options really make the difference between being able to use your phone and tablet or not.

As Big Launcher is just a launcher, you can choose to flip between how the device was before you downloaded Big Launcher so you will always have control over how it works.

There are also a host of options that allow you to customise Big Launcher. These include changing the icons for various apps and adding additional screens. There are also a host of themes available with colours that are easy on the eyes.

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Fobo Tire – Monitor tire pressure from your smartphone

Fobo Tire Kit Clove“Have you checked your tyre pressure?” It’s something a concerned parent or relative might ask you (or you to those you know!) before embarking on a long journey.

Low tyre pressure can result in poor car performance and handling, increased fuel consumption, and in worst-case scenarios, puncture or blow-out when driving at speed.

Mechanics and enthusiasts often recommend checking tyre pressure every 2-3 times you fill the fuel tank, however how many of us actually remember anywhere near this often?

This is where Fobo Tire, developed by Salutica of Malaysia, can come in very handy indeed.

Check out Fobo Tire at Clove Technology


The product is a complete Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), that can be installed without any professional help and allows you to keep an eye on the pressure from your smartphone, whenever you’re in range of the car.

The consumer kit costs £149 and comes complete with 4 sensors and an in-car unit. Batteries are included and should last for around 2 years before needing replacing.

Each sensor replaces the valve cap on your wheels, and includes an optional anti-theft locknut should you want to use this. Fobo sensors are also tied to your online account so are useless even if they are stolen.

The sensors are splash and dirt proof, so there’s no need to worry about rain, puddles or going off-road. Connection to your phone is made through low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with almost all modern Android & Apple smartphones.


You can set up the Fobo companion app on compatible Androids or iPhones, by placing the phone close to each sensor in turn after they have been installed.

You can then get a consistent, real-time readout of each tyre’s pressure whenever you’re in Bluetooth range of the car. This updates whilst you’re driving as well, so you can reliably keep track of your tyres during long journeys.

Some modern cars do include a TPMS, although this can be quite limited in its application, perhaps just providing a warning at certain percentages.

Fobo Tire is completely configurable, so you can set the recommended pressures for each tyre and check the exact pressure at any time. You can also see real time de-pressuring – if one tyre is consistently and visibly dropping quicker than the others, you could be quickly alerted to a slow puncture.

fobo-tire-android-app-3 fobo-tire-android-app-2 fobo-tire-android-app-1


Fobo Tire is also a useful companion product and application for those in charge of a fleet. Keeping a close tab on the maintenance of all your vehicles is a full-time job and regularly checking the tyre pressure of each wheel for every vehicle can be an arduous task.

The Fobo Tire app system allows for up to 20 separate cars (4 unique sensors per car – 80 sensors) to be recorded on each account and individually identified.

That account can also be shared on up to 100 smartphones / devices. In this way each driver, mechanic or other worker with a need to know, can swiftly be informed of the real-time tire pressures as soon as they are in range of the vehicle.

LG G4 – images & features leak

lg-g4-front-backThere’s two weeks until the official G4 unveiling, at which point we’ll know the full specification lists for LG’s latest phone.

This was also meant to be the first time we’d get to properly see renderings of the G4, rather than the cropped image of the backplate used on the promotional invite, which hinted at a leather finish.

Instead, the official microsite for the LG G4 was located (and since taken offline) through the invite page, which provided a whole host of official images and renders.

We’ve had confirmation from LG that these are true images and to-be-advertised features, check out the slideshow below.

Sadly the specification list on the site appeared to be using 2014’s G3 information as a place-holder, however there was a bunch of new copy text for several as yet unseen features. The specification list on our retail site is currently expected, although subject to change come the 28th.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



From the images it looks clear that there will be two main choices for the backplate – leather or a more traditional plastic – with colour options after this.

The plastic is seen in gray, white and gold, whilst there are six separate leather hues: black, tan/brown, burgundy, blue, gold and yellow.

Whether or not all of the colour options we see in the image below are eventually released or make it into every territory remains to be seen. At the very least it would be slick to see both a standard and premium finish offered here in the UK, similar to Motorola’s 2nd Generation Moto X from last year.



We already knew we’d be looking at a 5.5″ QHD (2560 x 1440) display, although how this would fit into a full design was anyone’s guess.

We can see that the G4 will have a slightly curved backplate, although the screen is staying resolutely flat. LG are referring to this in the literature as the “Slim Arc Design”.

The back cover is definitely still removable though, something that may draw over some of Samsung’s lost sheep who remain displeased at LG’s neighbours dropping the feature.

The leather back coming complete with a central seam will be dividing amongst design conscious consumers, those that dislike it though seem to be able to opt for a less obvious textured plastic plate.

At 8.9 mm thick, LG aren’t joining the super-thin club, however this will be by no means a chunky device. It should though have a well-balanced size to weight ratio considering the tech inside.



The list below seems to make it clear that LG will be focussing on camera performance this time round. The G3 delivered a ‘laser’ auto-focussing camera that managed to keep to its claims. This will be returning so what else are LG including?

f/1.8 Aperture Lens

We knew this was coming from the invite imagery for the 28th. The increased f-stop will no doubt improve low-light performance and makes the G4 the first mainstream mobile camera to reach this mark.

Color Spectrum Sensor

This is an infrared sensor which is constantly analysing the colour tones in a scene before you press the shutter to produce a more ‘natural’ finish.

Light Trail Effect

“Set the G4’s shutter and bulb to easily and artfully capture the blazing light trails of a night scene” according to the microsite. Interesting.

Manual Mode

A detailed and powerful settings option for those that really like to tinker with their pictures.

Options to modify include: shutter speed, slow synch flash, brightness lens, ISO, white balance (WB), save as RAW or JPEG, exposure (EV)

Fastest AF Camera and OIS 2.0

The laser autofocus and OIS will get your subjects stabilised and ready to shoot in no time at all.

IPS Quantum Display

The 5.5” QHD screen utilizes an IPS Quantum Display to deliver brilliant, crisp images rich and authentic in color. Remarkably energy efficient, the screen is also easily visible even in bright light.

Removable 3,000 mAh Battery and SD Card Slot

These two do what they say on the tin really. The removable battery means the G4 will be the only flagship high-end Android with this particular feature. Sony will be the only top-level competitors with expandable storage too.


We’ve already taken a quick look at the upcoming LG UX 4.0 in a recent post.

The screenshots here confirm some of what we saw in the accompanying video – a definite take on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google’s Material Design is clearly a big influence in the new flat style, although there is a certain LG customisation to what we can see that means it will definitely include new tweaks and features.

There will be location based customisation features included, as well as quick options for launching the camera.

How to build a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Take a look at Samsung’s ‘in-boxing’ video for the newest flagship phone

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_Edge_Black_White_GoldWe’re used to seeing unboxings of every new product in the tech world. Here at Clove we like to show off smartphones to you as soon as we can get hold of them, as well as some of their most anticipated accessories and other related items.

This is a little different though; SamsungTomorrow have put together a slick video detailing just what’s actually inside the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, before it gets packed up for shipping.

If you have a few minutes to spare then it’s a nice little look at some of the pieces that go into making a modern mobile device. We get to see the tiny circuitry and chips, as well as the fragility of each individual component before they’re put in place.

We see the main processing board and memory, battery, both camera modules, fingerprint sensor and all the rest. It’s like watching someone solve a puzzle.

The last part of the video also shows the finished S6 Edge being boxed with the official accessories that complement each unit, just in case you haven’t seen an unboxing yet!

The S6 Edge isn’t too far away from being made available in the UK. Right now we are still taking pre-orders for the 32, 64 and 128 GB sized versions, and will be taking paid orders as soon as we get confirmation of their arrival dates

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge | Clove Technology


NGM Endurance (5000mAh Smartphone) Unboxing (Clove)

NGM_Endurance_Unboxing_Tumb1000 hours of standby is possible from the NGM Endurance, quite a fitting name for a device with a 5000mAh battery.

Designed to suit a user who really wants to be able to work all day and probably another without having to connect to a socket.  We are not really talking about 2 days battery life here, more like, 3, 4 or even 5 for the average users.

Available in Black or White for £160 inclusive of VAT the dual SIM smartphone runs Android 4.4.2.

It has a 5 inch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and a powerful 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and 1GB of RAM.

There are too a whole host of other features that are explained in our unboxing video or can be read about on the product page here on the Clove site.