• Cat S61: FLIR Thermal Camera, Screen Replacement Warranty & Free Water-Resistant Earphones

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    Cat S61 SIM Free UK Clove Screen replacementFor a niche device, the original Cat S60 was a resounding success. The world’s first phone to feature an integrated thermal camera, we’re still shipping a few despite them being over 2 years old!

    If you want something a little more up to date, then the S61 should be on your shopping list. Not only does the S61 ship with Android 8 Oreo, key features have been upgraded, along with new tools added.

    CAT S61 | £799 | Free water-resistant earphones & screen replacement warranty

    The most important news is that Cat and manufacturing partner Bullit have managed to keep the relationship with FLIR. On the back of the S61 you’ll find a similar camera layout as before, with the FLIR lamp sat above the main camera.

    CAT S61 Key Features

    • Android 8.0 Oreo
    • Snapdragon 630 octa-core processor
    • 5.2″ Full HD display with wet-finger & glove support & toughened Gorilla Glass 5
    • IP68 & MIL Spec 810G – waterproof to 3m & drop-proof to 1.8m
    • Aluminium reinforced die-cast frame
    • Optimised battery performance (4,500 mAh)
    • 16MP main camera with 4K recording, 8MP front-facing camera
    • 64GB storage / 4GB RAM / MicroSD / DUAL SIM
    • Updated FLIR thermal camera with laser-assisted area & distance measurement
    • VOC indoor air quality and humidity sensor
    • Additional Cat Toolbox apps

    CAT Screen Replacement Warranty

    In addition to the standard 24-month warranty for UK customers, CAT also offers a screen replacement service. Should you accidentally damage the screen, Cat will replace it (or the whole phone) if sent to one of their registered service centres along with a valid proof of purchase: More Details

    CAT S61 Thermal Camera Clove UK

    Updated FLIR camera

    Both of these have also received upgrades. The FLIR lamp has a wider range from -20 to 400°C with a higher resolution of 160 x 120, double last year’s effort. Through the app, the real-time image overlay produced by the standard camera will now be in HD rather than the 640 x 480 VGA images used previously.

    That FLIR app now also includes a real-time streaming option. This has the very real & practical capability to send immediate feedback on a situation to other workers or interested parties.

    CAT S61 VOC Sensor Clove UK

    New sensors

    In addition to thermal imagery, Cat S61 also features a custom air quality sensor built by Sensirion. This can be used to raise an alert should it recognise high levels of pollutants or “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide.

    Also located near the base of the phone is a measuring tool. With a laser-assisted sensor, you can accurately measure short-to-medium distances and area.

    Elsewhere, the rest of the Cat S61’s specification reads like an ode to mid-range efficiency. The Snapdragon 630 isn’t a powerhouse but it’s more than capable of running multiple apps on Android 8 without chugging. We’ve also seen in other phones how coupling this processor with a big cell, plenty of RAM and a reasonable display can result in incredible battery life. A 4,500 mAh cell sits inside the S61 so this should stay topped up well into the second day of heavy use.

    CAT S61 Laser Distance Tool Clove UK

    CAT S61 | £799 | Free water-resistant earphones & screen replacement warrantyCAT S61 SIM Free Clove UK Angle CAT S61 SIM Free Clove UK SideCAT S61 SIM Free Clove UK Rear


    CAT S61 | £799 | Free water-resistant earphones & screen replacement warranty

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