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    If you’ve ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note9 then you’re going to want to find the perfect way to compliment it. Here at Clove we offer a range of cases and accessories perfect for a variety of needs.


    Note9 USB-C to HDMI Adapter

    note9-adapterWith the Samsung DeX Station, you could plug your Samsung device into a TV or monitor to enjoy a desktop-like experience from your device.

    With the release of the Note9, an additional dock is no longer needed. Now everything can be done with a simple adapter cable!

    Simply plug the USB-C tip into your Note9 and run an HDMI cable to your intended display unit. The multiport hub also comes with an additional USB-A port so that a mouse, keyboard or other peripheral(s) can be connected at the same time.

    The adapter supports 4K video (if a compatible high-speed HDMI cable suitable for 4K transmission is used) and requires no external power.

    Samsung Galaxy Note9 USB-C to HDMI Adapter | £31.67 ex-VAT

    Samsung Galaxy Note9 4K Multiport USB-C to HDMI Adapter | £64.58 ex-VAT



    Note9 Protective Standing Cover

    note9-standing-coverIf you’ve ordered the stunning Note9, then you’re going to want something to keep it protected and looking good. This is the perfect case for you.

    The rugged case has been designed to withstand more than everyday impacts of life. A thick rubberised edging absorbs impacts, protecting the sides and corners of your device when it’s dropped or bumped. Further, the back is crafted with a textured surface to aid grip and stop the phone from sliding.

    A pop-out stand allows you to make full use of the 6.4-inch display, giving you the opportunity to view the device in landscape. The S-Pen stylus can easily be inserted and removed whilst the case is in use, as well as full access to all ports, connectors and cameras.

    Samsung Galaxy Note9 Protective Standing Cover | £25 ex-VAT



    Eiger 3D GLASS Screen Protector

    note9-screen-protectorIf you want to protect your device’s stunning display, then this should be at the top of your shopping list.

    Eiger’s manufacturing process produces top of the range glass at 9H hardness, nine times harder than standard glass. The protector is moulded perfectly to fit the curved edges of the Note9, as well as having a cut out on the top bezel for use of the selfie camera and iris-unlock sensor.

    Ultra-thin 0.33mm manufacturing ensures that your device registers every touch.

    Eiger 3D Glass Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy Note9 | £20.83 ex-VAT



    Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

    samsung-wireless-chargingUnlike most wireless charging devices, this clear, glass-look pad adds a touch of sophistication and doesn’t look out of place in any room.

    Simply place your Note9 onto the pad and watch it charge. An ambient LED display indicates the charging status of your device, turning from a subtle blue to a vibrant green when the battery is full.

    Samsung Wireless Charging Pad | £15 ex-VAT


    Spare S-Pen

    S-PenOne of the headlining features of the Note9 is the new Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen.

    This incredible accessory is what elevates the Note series from every day smartphone to a powerful business-orientated and creative tool and so you shouldn’t have to worry about misplacing yours.

    Want to look a little different? Choose from a variety of colours to accentuate against your phone’s finish.

    Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen | £21.67 ex-VAT



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