• Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Watch v Apple Watch Series 3

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    Samsung have recently unveiled their latest smart watch; the Samsung Galaxy Watch, their best attempt thus far to knock Apple from the smartwatch throne. The device comes with a new design and a heap of new features, but how does it compare to the Apple Watch series 3? Particularly when the Apple device is set to be updated later this year.



    The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a traditional rounded face

    The immediate difference between the two devices is the watch shape; with the Samsung Galaxy boasting a round design, and the Apple Watch a square. In this way, Samsung has maintained a traditional wristwatch shape and indeed have touted this as an advantage compared to their main competitor. Whether this is actually the case is more than debatable (think of the benefits of displaying text on a square), however you can definitely see the appeal.

    The traditional rounded face comes in two sizes; 42mm and 46mm. A 1.3-inch ‘Always On’ AMOLED display adorns the larger size, displaying a pixel resolution of 360 x 360. The 42mm model has a slightly smaller display at 1.2-inches.

    In comparison, the two sizes on offer from Apple are 38mm and 42mm. The 38mm option boasts a pixel resolution of 272 x 360, whilst the larger variant comes in at 312 x 390. This larger device comes with a rather whopping 1.65-inch display that undoubtedly has its benefits but is maybe a bit too much for the smaller wrist.

    The Apple Watch is available in a range of different materials, including stainless steel and aluminium, as well as a plethora of different colours. The largest of Samsung’s smartwatch offering is only available in silver, whilst the smaller watches also come in black and gold. There are a huge number of customisable bands available for both watches, so this really isn’t too important.



    The Apple Watch offers personalised fitness tracking

    Apple have always been keen to emphasise the health-tracking skills of their smartwatch and it looks as though Samsung may finally be able to compete.

    Samsung’s device has three main health features; fitness tracking, sleep monitoring and stress management. This stress management tool is new to Samsung devices and works by tracking your heart rate. If your recorded stress levels are higher than anticipated, your device will guide you to breathe deeply.

    Similarly, the Galaxy Watch tracks your sleep routine; informing you of sleep quality by creating a log that measures 4 different stages of sleep.

    It’s somewhat difficult to compare the fitness tracking of each device, since both are accomplished. The Galaxy Watch makes use of a built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor to track up to 40 types of exercise. 5 ATM water resistance means that you can now track your progress in the pool.

    In a similar vein, the Apple Watch can assist you through work outs, easily switching between activities whether it be running, interval training or swimming. Personalised progress updates allow you to see what achievements you’re closing in on, as well as offering encouragement to keep streaks going. Alongside this, the Apple devices can connect to compatible gym equipment to offer the truest fitness results.

    Both devices allow you to stream music on-the-go, whether it be through Apple Music (Apple Watch) or Spotify (Samsung). Connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth and interact with your own personal assistant; Bixby or Siri. Further, each smart watch allows you to read and create messages, as well as manage calls to your phone. You can also manage calendar alerts, install a range of apps and set up NFC for contactless payments.



    galaxy-watchesPerhaps the deciding factor in any decision between the two smartwatches, is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is compatible with both iPhone and Android, whilst the Apple Watch only works with iPhones. If you’re eyeing up the Apple Watch but own an Android, then think again. So too, if you’re an iPhone user then the decision is a bit of a no-brainer; the Apple Watch offers a much better connection.

    That said, the Galaxy Watch is powered by an eye-watering 472mAh battery which can last days from a single charge. This is huge for a smartwatch and blows the 279mAh of the Apple Watch – that can last a single day – out of the water.

    Rounding things off, the Samsung device runs the latest version of their Tizen software in comparison to the watchOS 4 software of the Apple Watch. WatchOS is possibly slightly more accomplished and offers more apps, however there probably isn’t a large enough difference to hang your decision upon it.


    Apple Watch Series 3 | From £315.83 ex-VAT

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