• Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth S-Pen: What Can It Do?

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    Alongside updated hardware, a bigger screen and Samsung’s impressive camera technology, the Note 9 has a notable new inclusion; a Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen.

    This allows the S-Pen to work in similar ways to a remote control, which Samsung claim will be effective from distances of up to 30-feet.

    A full charge should allow the Pen approximately 200 clicks (30 minutes idle) and can be charged in under a minute by sliding it into the dock of the phone.

    This new stylus has opened a world of possibilities to the device; but what exactly can you do with it?



    Take Photos

    After launching the camera app, your Bluetooth S-Pen can be used to capture images.

    One click of the S-Pen’s button activates the shooter, whilst a double click allows you to move between front and rear cameras.

    This is particularly useful considering the size of the device, making selfies and group pictures considerably easier.


    View Images

    S-PenWhen your photo gallery is open, the S-Pen can also be used to switch between images.

    Simply click your Pen once to move onto the next image, or alternatively double click to go back to an image.


    Open an App

    By holding down the S-Pen button, you can open an app of your choice.

    By default, this is the camera app, however this can easily be customised to an app of your preference. The camera app does seem ideal though, allowing you to capture every moment with ease and efficiency.


    Control Music

    In a similar way to the photo gallery, the S-Pen makes it all the easier to take control of your music.

    One click will either play or pause your song, whilst a double click skips to the next. Fantastically practical when your device is not close-by.


    Video Remote

    s-penWhether it’s your own images, YouTube or online, the S-Pen can be used to as a remote whilst watching videos.

    Following a similar structure, simply click once to play or pause, and twice to skip a video.


    Take Ownership of PowerPoint

    One of the biggest selling points for professionals will be the new ability to control PowerPoint using only the stylus.

    Whilst giving a presentation you now need only click the Pen to direct your audience. A simple click will move easily to next or previous slides.


    Alongside this, Samsung will allow developers to integrate these Bluetooth functionalities into their new apps later this year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!


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