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    Sony Xperia Ear Duo Gold BannerDiscover a new listening experience with the intuitive and unique Sony Xperia Duo.

    Winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2018, this striking set of wireless earbuds offers deep integration with your Apple or Android smartphone.

    Enjoy access to either platform’s voice assistant, as well as giving you full control over media playback and calls, all without interfering with ambient noise from the world around you.

    The ergonomic design may look unusual at first. However, this is the result of an incredible amount of research to produce the most ergonomic structure that suits as many head and ear shapes as possible. This provides a secure and comfortable fit, without being intrusive.

    Sony Xperia Ear Duo | £249 | Shipping from July 30th

    Hear the best of both worlds

    Each of the Ear Duo’s units features two microphones for a quad-microphone setup. Through this, Xperia Ear Duo can effortlessly capture your voice and dampen external noise during phone calls.

    What about being able to hear the outside world when you need to though? The sound of oncoming traffic in a city or the twittering of birds in a forest – neither of these should be completely lost when walking.

    Sony has developed the Spatial Acoustic Conductor to achieve a perfect balance. This allows the sound generated behind the ear by the unit´s driver to be transmitted directly into the ear. The specially designed ring supporter surrounds the ear canal so your music can blend seamlessly with sounds from your environment.

    Sony Xperia Ear Duo | £249 | Shipping from July 30th

    Sony Xperia Ear Duo Key Features

    • Genuine Sony Xperia audio accessory
    • True wireless interaction and device control
    • Answer calls and access Android or Apple device assistant (Google or Siri)
    • Touchpad controls and head gestures
    • Quad microphone arrangement (2x per unit)
    • Includes convenient charge & carry case
    • Case charges by USB-C (included) with inductive charging of earpieces
    • IPX2 water resistance
    • 10.6 grams each, 76 grams case (97.2 grams total)
    • Available in Black or Gold

    Sony Xperia Ear Duo | £249 | Shipping from July 30th

    Sony Xperia Ear Duo Black UK Clove Sony Xperia Ear Duo Gold UK CloveSony Xperia Ear Duo Black Carry Case

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