• Are Lite Apps the Way Forward?

    By Samantha Watson , July 3, 2018 - Leave a comment

    Following the trend, Instagram recently became the latest of a list of popular apps to undergo the ‘lite-treatment’. But what exactly are Lite Apps and should you be downloading them?

    What is a Lite App?

    Lite Apps were first and foremost created for use in regions with slow mobile internet and basic mobile devices that cannot deal with feature-rich applications.

    This means that apps have been stripped down to their fundamental features – arguably the reason that you downloaded them to begin with. All unnecessary clutter (things like animation) are removed in favour of a more simplified design.

    Why Would You Download a Lite App?

    Since these Lite Apps have been stripped to their basics, they are significantly cheaper to download, use a lot less data and battery, and take up less space on your device.

    This means that Lite Apps tend to launch and work at higher speeds. With more storage spared on your device, your phone won’t be bogged down by over bloated apps and will work far more efficiently.

    For example, Facebook Messenger Lite takes up around 34MB when running. This is more than 150MB less than the ‘usual’ version of Messenger. Madness, right?

    What Are the Differences Between ‘Normal Apps’ and ‘Lite Apps’?

    Twitter Lite


    • View Timeline, Trends and Notifications tabs
    • Direct message
    • Search
    • Make lists
    • Edit Profile
    • Mute words or phrases
    • Use emojis


    • Separate tweets and mentions
    • View highlights or moments
    • Switch to night mode
    • Save draft tweets
    • Add multiple accounts
    • Send GIFs

    Instagram Lite


    • Post photos
    • Apply filters
    • View stories


    • Post videos
    • Send direct messages

    Facebook Lite


    • Chat through the app (rather than download Messenger)
    • Use Facebook stickers
    • React to posts


    • No timestamps or read receipts on messages
    • Videos do not play automatically
    • No animations (e.g. ‘Like’ button doesn’t move when pressed)

    What other Lite Apps should I look out for?

    Other great Lite Apps for Android include:

    Samantha Watson


  • I’d rather have a website which is well designed so it works with a mobile browser than to install dedicated apps, unless the app really brings something special.

    As for Facebook and its ilk, I won’t install any of their apps in the first place, or disable or remove them if they came in the phone, since they’re basically spyware.

  • Very informative.Thanks
    Do lite apps provide the same benefits to phone memory when using Android vs iOS?

    • Hi Papa, you’ll probably see more benefits with Android Lite apps as opposed to iOS. Apple only have a few specifications to target, so it is easier for developers to make their apps efficient. There are thousands of potential Android configurations which makes efficiency harder. Lite apps will still be better for resources on iOs than full apps, but if you have a recent iPhone, you shouldn’t be struggling

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