• Are Unlocked Phones Worth It and Cheaper?

    As one of the leading suppliers of unlocked smartphones, selling thousands of devices since our launch in 1992, we often have to answer questions from new customers. One of the more common questions that we see, is whether it’s worth buying an unlocked smartphone versus one bought on contract.

    In today’s short guide, we wanted to look at that question a little closer, so you have a better idea on whether or not buying an unlocked is worth it to you, including whether or not it’s going to be cheaper.

    What Exactly Is an Unlocked Phone?

    When you buy unlocked, it means you’re not contracted in to use any particular phone carrier, and in fact can choose to use whoever you want.

    Some very quick and easy to understand benefits to doing this include:

    • No need to sign up to a carrier contract when buying the smartphone
    • Select from wider range of models from the market
    • Switch out SIM cards when travelling abroad to get better rates
    • Change carriers when you like with no penalties incurred
    • Sell the phone possibly for a higher price as it’s unlocked

    Is an Unlocked Phone Worth it?

    Most definitely, and here are our main reasons for buying an unlocked phone.

    • Increased network compatibility
    • No roaming charges
    • More network options
    • Wider range of phone models
    • Increased re-sale value
    • Easier to customise
    • Easier to repair and replace

    Are Unlocked Phones Cheaper?

    It really depends on where you shop and the deal you might be able to get.

    They can be a little more expensive than locked phones in some cases, but you should take a longer-term view on price.

    Because any SIM card will work on an unlocked phone, you have the freedom to switch carrier at any point in time, and won’t be locked into an expensive contract, or be charged when you want to leave.

    Circumstances will and do change, and having an unlocked phone means you can mix and match to find the best rates. This is what a lot of people do when they want to take advantage of cheaper 3G and 4G billing rates.

    So in fact, over time it could work out a lot cheaper for you.

    Can Unlocked Phones Work with Any Carrier?

    Yes, they can.

    You will have the freedom to select from any carrier on the UK network, and actually choose a service plan to suit you at any given point in time.

    What are the Best Unlocked Smartphones?

    This really depends on what you want from a smartphone.

    Some of the more popular and best-selling unlocked smartphones on the Clove website that get the best reviews from our customers include the Blackberry, Huawei, Samsung, and Sony Xperia ranges.

    Current hot sellers include the following:

    We also offer some of the best deals and prices in the UK on unlocked rugged smartphones.

    These are ideal for customers who need a phone that’s more resilient to drops, falls and potential damage. Extremely popular with outdoors people and those that work in touch environments, our Caterpillar range is amongst the most popular currently.

    Where to Buy Unlocked Smartphones?

    The best place to buy unlocked smartphones would be from an online store that offers the following:

    • Does the store have approved partner status and is it a recognised reseller by the leading manufacturers?
    • Does the store offer same day shipping to the UK?
    • Does the store offer exceptional customer support to its customers?
    • Does the store have some of the best deals and prices on unlocked smartphones in the UK?

    As you might have already guessed, Clove Technology answers yes to all of those questions and more.

    If you would like to start exploring our wide range of unlocked smartphones, or just talk to us about the best device to suit you, then please explore our shop or contact us today.

    Marc (Clove Contributor)


  • If you have to claim on insurance for a damaged phone, it’s probably going to be easier if you have an off-contract/unlocked phone, since there will be less arguments about the specific cost of replacing it.

    It’s usually cheaper to buy third party gadget insurance too than buy it from the carrier your phone is on contract to, and that gadget insurance can probably be arranged to cover your entire family’s stuff. I pay about £18/month for we four, and it covers laptops, cameras, phones, tablets, jewellery and watches!

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