• IGTV: Is Instagram’s New Video Platform The Future?

    By Samantha Watson , June 21, 2018 - Leave a comment

    In IGTV, Instagram yesterday unveiled a new platform allowing its users to create longer video clips of up to an hour in length.



    This new long-form feature will mean that popular creators and celebrities will be able to create their own original series for the platform (who wouldn’t want to see Kim Kardashian putting on makeup for an hour, right?!). Smaller accounts and new accounts will currently be unable to post videos an hour in length, however that facility is expected to come in place over time.

    IGTVAll videos uploaded to the platform will be displayed in portrait mode as Instagram claim this to be the ‘natural way’ that people use their devices. When you log-in to IGTV, videos of those you follow will automatically begin playing. Meanwhile, you can swipe up to access the ‘Browse’ tab that will suggest videos as well as displaying popular videos, accounts you’re following and the option to continue watching videos that you haven’t finished.

    This may offer YouTube’s biggest challenge yet. Videos can now be posted to IGTV via a desktop as well as a mobile device, with each clip having a unique link. All images must be pre-recorded rather than live, however offer a great alternative to Instagram’s current allowance of 60 second videos within the App’s ‘Feed’.

    Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom also revealed that Instagram has more than 1 billion active users a month. Yikes. Is this going to start a further move away from more traditional media sources to our smartphone devices?


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