• Comparisons: BlackBerry KEY2 v KeyONE

    By Samantha Watson , June 20, 2018 - Leave a comment

    It’s not long until stock of the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry KEY2 becomes available from Clove Technology and already, interest in the device has been through the roof. But how exactly does it differ from it’s predecessor, the BlackBerry KeyONE?



    At first glance, the KEY2 doesn’t look hugely different to the KeyONE, however several small differences make the device look more modern and sleek.

    The KEY2 is slightly taller than its predecessor (5.96 inches v 5.87) however is noticeably lighter, weighing approximately 168 grams – 12 grams less than the ONE. Almost 1mm has been lost from the thickness of the device, which also features slightly thinner bezels. The power button has also been

    moved to the right edge, making it easier to access whilst holding the phone comfortably.

    Despite this, both devices have the same size display, with the same 1080 x 1620-pixel resolution and 433ppi.



    The physical QWERTY keyboard is undoubtedly one of BlackBerry’s biggest selling points and that of the Key2 has undergone slight but significant improvements.

    The keys on the new device are 20% bigger and have a squarer design. Gone are the frets and instead letters have a matte finish, making them significantly easier to type on.

    Similarly, the Key2 has a new ‘Speed Key’ that enables you to create shortcuts to each key. For example, if you set the F key to open Facebook, all you need to do is press the Speed Key followed by F to open the app.  This is a great way to jump between apps without needing to go back to the home screen.




    blackberry-key2-rear-silverFollowing the trend, the KEY2 has adopted a dual camera setup on the rear, with the main camera having a f/1.8 aperture and the secondary an f/2.6 aperture.

    Indeed, the Camera App has been given a makeover. A slide-up menu now allows you to easily access panorama mode, basic slow-motion video mode and the new portrait mode. Portrait mode has been a feature of many new releases and works to blur out the background of an image, isolating the focal subject.



    The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is newer, faster and more able to cope with the multitasking demands that BlackBerry owners expect of their device. Adreno 512 beats the Adreno 506 graphics processor of the ONE, whilst the KEY2 uses Android 8.1 in comparison to 7.1.


    The BlackBerry KEY2 is available to order from Clove Technology

    Samantha Watson


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