• 5 Must-Have Holiday Essentials from Clove Technology

    By Samantha Watson , June 14, 2018 - Leave a comment

    As the sun peaks through the clouds (as much as it ever does in the UK!), many of you will be jet setting around the globe to catch some summer rays. Time in the sun deserves ultimate relaxation, and we have a number of options that are essential for a relaxing time away.



    Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

    lightning-cameraDownload those holiday snaps with ease, with the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

    The cable works to stream images straight from your digital camera to any Lightning-equipped device with iOS 9.2 or later.

    Simply connect your adapter to the Lightning port. The Photos app will then automatically open, allowing you to choose which images to import and organising them into albums.

    Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter | £24.17 ex-VAT



    Samsung Galaxy S9 with Live Translation

    s9-live-translationAs if an edge-to-edge Infinity Display, high-speed face recognition and a dual rear camera with pixel phase-detection weren’t enough, the Galaxy S9 comes with Live Translation.

    This is perfect for trips overseas, as Samsung’s latest feature can instantly translate text written in several languages via the camera.

    Not sure what a sign or menu says? Just load Live Translation and point your camera towards the mystery text. Words should be translated on screen in real time.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 | From £494 ex-VAT



    World Travel Adapter

    world-travel-adapterA must have essential for any trip is a way to charge your portable devices.

    This World Travel Adapter is simple to use and features pins that slide in and out, converting into a UK/US/AU/EU output. The socket side of the device has entry points for the same plugs, allowing you to convert any global plug to any other.

    World Travel Adapter | £10 ex-VAT




    Apple AirPods

    Sometimes all you want to do on holiday is lie back, enjoy the sun and listen to your favourite music. For those trips, the AirPods are essential.

    Apple’s first truly wireless headphones, the AirPods turn on as soon as they are taken out of the charging case and use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they’re in your ears and when they’re taken out. Removing one will pause audio, however you can still listen if the other Pod is placed back into the case.

    Double tap activates Siri, so that you can use voice commands to adjust volume, change track, make calls and run searches.

    Apple AirPods | £119.99



    DiCAPac Action Universal Waterproof Case

    waterproof-caseWhen you’re active and around water, you want to ensure that your phone is safe.

    This waterproof case is crafted with the highest grade JIS IPX8 waterproof rating and floats when dropped in water – allowing you to easily retrieve your device.

    The front window is crystal clear so that you can easily view your screen. All features still work with the case covering your device, meaning that you can still make calls and send texts.

    DiCAPac Action Universal Waterproof Case | £19.99 ex-VAT


    Samantha Watson


  • wow, £29 for a lightning to USB adaptor, compared to a few quid for a microUSB OTG adaptor for an Android phone.
    Why don’t Clove sell OTG cables?

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