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    As Father’s Day rapidly approaches in the UK, finding that gift to show your appreciation can be tricky. Thankfully, here at Clove we have a number of options that make the perfect gifts this Father’s Day!


    PlayStation VR

    PS-VRWant to show Dad the world this Father’s Day but don’t have the funds to match it? Transport him into another world with the PS VR Headset.

    With full 360-degree vision and 120 frames displayed a second, a full immersive experience is guaranteed.

    Cutting-edge 3D accurately places sound so that you can perceive direction and distance – even if it comes from above or below.

    A built-in mic also allows for chat with others online.

    PlayStation VR | £166.66 ex-VAT


    DJI Spark

    DJI-sparkThe DJI Spark is an incredibly portable mini-drone and a fantastic gift for you and your Dad to enjoy on Father’s Day.

    The DJI launches quickly and holds stable autonomous flight. This allows you to capture high definition stills and live images without interference at only the touch of a button. Simple and effective.

    Featuring a high-performance camera, DJI LightBridge technology provides an HD Live View to your smartphone screen. Indeed, your smartphone can control the basic model via the DJI GO App.

    DJI Spark – £345.17 ex-VAT



    Samsung Gear S3

    gear-s3Watch. Fitness tracker. Notification manager. Allow Dad to control his whole world at his hands.

    With an always on AMOLED display and changeable watch faces, personalisation is quick and easy.

    The Gear S3 is compatible with over 10,000 different apps, making it feasible to leave your handheld mobile device at home. Indeed, a built in microphone allows for physical calls through the S3 interface.

    Samsung Gear S3 | £229.17 ex-VAT



    Moga Pocket – Android Game Controller

    moga-pocketMake Dad a kid again with this Android Game Controller!

    If he is an avid mobile gamer or wants to transition away from basic mobile gaming to something more advanced, this is a great way to begin a new experience.

    All he needs to do is download the Moga Pivot App and slide his device into the retractable clip.

    With a dual analog stick, 2 shoulder buttons and 4 action buttons, the controller has enough inputs to match the most advanced mobile games of today.

    Moga Pocket – Android Game Controller | £10 ex-VAT


    Nintendo Switch

    nintendo-switchAllow Dad to keep on gaming whether at home or on-the-go.

    The Nintendo Switch transforms between three games modes; TV, tabletop and handheld, making gaming truly social and fun.

    Handheld mode allows for up to eight consoles to be connected at one time, as the Switch allows for full interaction for you and others.

    Nintendo Switch | £279 ex-VAT



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