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    As summer approaches, finding the motivation to workout can be tough. Here at Clove Technology, we offer a range of products that can help you to find that motivation, track your goals and make the pain more bearable. Here are our five must-have accessories to help you reach your targets this summer.


    Apple Watch

    apple-watch-series-3Having a workout buddy always makes reaching those goals that much easier, and that’s just what an Apple Watch is.

    Measure each workout with only a tap and keep track of calories, heart rate and distance. The Apple Watch can be paired with compatible gym equipment to keep metrics completely in sync and now features customised heart rate and motion monitoring to more accurately track calorie burn during a range of different types of exercise.

    Receive personalised progress updates, including what achievements you’re closing in on or encouragement to keep a streak going. The Apple Watch will offer suggestions on how to reach certain goals and delivers personal challenges based on what you accomplished the month before.

    Apple Watch Series 3 | £315.83 ex-VAT



    Olixar Universal Bike Mount

    olixar-bike-mountCompatible with any smartphone device, the Olixar Bike Mount is perfect for those looking to utilise their fitness apps whilst cycling.

    Securing is quick and easy. Simply attach the mounting clamp with the nut, slide the holder onto the plate and then adjust the arms to securely hold your device. The mount fits handlebars of up to 33mm and has a quick release button for ease and efficiency.

    Olixar Universal Bike Mount | £8.33 ex-VAT



    Withings Smart Body Analyser

    withings-smart-bodyIf you’re putting all the work in you want to measure the results, right?

    The Withings Smart Body Analyser is so much more than a set of scales. Not only can the device ensure that you’re healthy by measuring weight and BMI, but it also obtains data for body composition, heart rate and air quality. The Analyser can detect fat mass and thus tell you how much of you is lean muscle in comparison to fat.

    All of the data recorded is measured with unprecedented accuracy and is easy-to-read in the form of graphs available on your smartphone or a web interface.

    Withings Smart Body Analyzer | £95 ex-VAT



    DiCAPac Action Armband

    ActionArmbandCarrying your device if you’re active can often be difficult.

    The DiCAPac Action Armband solves all these issues, providing an armband slot for your device to easily slide into. The band is fully adjustable and provides full flexibility in the form of 360-degree rotation. This enables you to position your phone exactly where you want on your arm and provides a reliable way to carry it.

    DiCAPac Action Armband | £14.99 ex-VAT



    Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

    powerbeats3Take your workout to the next level with dynamic, high-performance sound.

    Secure-fit earhooks maximise comfort and stability, whilst sweat and water resistance provides that trusted durability. Without a wire, you needn’t worry that your headphones will interrupt your workout; simply connect via Bluetooth for wireless workout freedom.

    Beats Powerbeats3 provide up to an impressive 12 hours battery life, whilst Fast-Fuel technology means that  5-minute charge will give 1 hour of playback.

    Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones | £129.17 ex-VAT




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