• Apple WWDC18: What You Need to Know About WatchOS 5

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    The focus of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference was undoubtedly the unveiling of the redesigned iOS 12, however that wasn’t the only piece of Apple software to undergo a facelift. Apple watchOS was upgraded with watchOS 5 and here is everything that you need to know.



    watchOS5fitnessApple describes the watchOS 5 as an ‘even stronger companion for fitness’ and has added Auto-Workout Detection to it’s list of capabilities. This is enabled for the most popular workouts available on the Apple Watch and provides users with an alert once they’ve started exercising to select the correct activity. But no need to panic, if you’ve already started exercising, watchOS 5 gives retrospective credit to ensure that you don’t miss out on tracking.

    To motivate you further to reach your exercise goals, watchOS 5 allows for Activity Competitions in which you can compete with friends. Simply invite a fellow Apple Watch owner to compete with you in an activity competition, send diss talk and be aided by coaching notifications.

    WatchOS 5 has also added yoga and hiking to its previous list of 12 types of exercise.



    watchos5-siriAlso undergoing a significant upgrade is Siri, which will make interacting with your Apple Watch far smoother. No longer do you need to say ‘Hey Siri’ before interacting, but simply raise your wrist to ask a question. Similarly, Siri’s watch face can be customised with ease to show selected sports scores and heart rate, amongst others.



    watch0s5-voicechatAlongside Siri improvements, watchOS 5 includes a function for live voice-chatting with friends. This can be compared to a walkie-talkie like function and enables you to chat with other Apple Watch wearing friends with only the tap of a screen. A WiFi or network signal is required.




    Also added to the updated software is the ability to listen to podcasts. Now you are able to listen to your favourite shows whilst on-the-go and episodes will automatically sync once the previous episode has finished.


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