• WWDC18: What You Need to Know About iOS 12

    By Samantha Watson , June 5, 2018 - Leave a comment

    Much to the dismay of many, this year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference came and went without a sniff of new hardware. What Apple did announce however, is an update to the iOS operating system that focuses on stability and performance improvements. Here’s what you need to know about iOS 12.


    Digital Well-Being

    iOS screen timeApple have introduced a brand-new App called ‘Screen Time’ that helps users to discover just how long they spend on their iDevices. An activity breakdown details how long a user has spent on their device, as well as time on each App, number of notifications received and the number of times that a phone is picked up.

    Further, to help cut down device use, the new software allows users to set daily time limits for the amount of time spent on particular apps. Users will then receive a warning message when that time limit is almost over.

    ‘Phone addiction’ amongst younger users has often been debated and iOS 12 will similarly allow parents to monitor their children’s ‘Screen Time’ from their own devices.

    Do Not Disturb functions have also been improved, with iOS 12 giving you the ability to have notifications for certain apps to be delivered silently. Notifications can also be grouped together according to App and certain alerts can be marked as critical so that they are received even on DND.



    facetimeFaceTime now allows group chats of up to 32 people in one call. A floating tile display of faces allows you to view all friends within the chat, whilst the tile of the person talking will come into most prominence. Alongside this, a scrolling bar of users will be available along the bottom of the screen, allowing users to choose particular people to focus on.

    Apple’s camera effects will also be available in FaceTime too. This means that users can accessorise their face with filters, stickers, Animoji and Memoji whilst talking to friends.



    photosAlso undergoing a makeover is the Photos app that now includes an enhanced search option. A new ‘For You’ tab makes suggestions for your photos, including suggestions on effects, as well as showing images taken on that day a year previously.

    Further, not only does the App recognise the other people in your photos, but it will now suggest that you share those photos with those captured.


    Other Notable Features

    memaniA considerable Siri update allows Siri to be integrated with applications to build customised commands. Shortcuts will also work with an Apple Watch or HomePod.

    New Animoji’s and Memoji features are also included, and now tongue and wink detection is also enabled.

    Apps on iOS will also now need permission to use the camera, messages, location data and mail.


    iOS 12 is set to launch later in the year.


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