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    The rapidly growing sector of ultra-rugged smartphones is about to get a new player. The Land Rover Explore is a solidly-designed handset with a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

    Manufactured by Bullit Group – also behind the popular Cat Phones – we have just been informed that stock has now landed in the UK. This is being processed and is on its way to retail partners next week.

    Land Rover Explore | SIM Free | Clove UK

    The Land Rover Explore will be available SIM Free from Clove Technology for £599 (£499.17 ex-VAT). Stock is due to begin shipping by the end of May. All early orders will receive a FREE Adventure Pack.

    Land Rover Explore Banner Clove UK

    First of all, the Land Rover Explore absolutely looks the part. Bullit has been refining the design of their rugged phones for a few years now and it’s definitely paid off.

    Explore deftly balances the construction of a solid handset with a design that, whilst hefty, doesn’t look out of place next to other modern smartphones.

    The handset itself is built with a strengthened die-cast aluminium frame, reinforced at the corners and edges. It’s fairly thick which not only holds a large 4,000 mAh cell but also allows the phone to take a few knocks without potentially damaging the internals. The final construction is both IP68 dust/water-resistant and MIL-SPEC 810G certified.

    Detailed Ordnance Survey Maps

    What sets the Land Rover Explore apart from other rugged phones isn’t just the design and specifications. Bullit has already proven they can build well-specced, reliable devices under the Cat brand.

    Instead, where Cat phones have been marketed to tradespeople, the Land Rover’s target market is outdoor explorers, adventurers & hikers.

    Pre-installed on the phone is the ViewRanger mapping app. As standard, this provides far more detailed maps than Google Maps. Also included though is a voucher code so you obtain full Ordnance Survey grade maps. These have additional topographical information and up to 15 levels of zoom. Normally ViewRanger charges quite a sum for access to these.

    ViewRanger’s mapping software works with the handset’s GPS to determine your location and allow you to set waypoints and routes. You can also scan the horizon with the phone’s camera to tag landmarks with an on-screen AR style overlay.

    Land Rover Explore Logo

    Land Rover Explore | SIM Free | Clove UK

    Enhanced GPS with the Adventure Pack

    The second unique part of the Explore is a rear panel that allows for the addition of modular ‘Packs’. If you’ve ever seen the Moto Mods for Moto Z smartphones, then Land Rover’s approach is much the same.

    Pogo pin contacts are found on the back panel where the packs can lock in to place. At launch time there will be a couple of packs available: Adventure Pack, Bike Pack and Battery Pack. The Battery Pack is simply an additional 4,370 mAh cell and the Bike Pack features a sturdy clip for attaching to a handlebar or stem.

    What we’re most interested in though is the Adventure Pack. First orders of the Explore will include this for free. Firstly it houses an additional 3,600 mAh cell. Secondly, there is a 25mm ceramic GPS antenna patch. When the Adventure Pack is attached, the phone’s internal GPS antenna will be switched off so this can take over. The additional sensitivity should provide you with better signal strength even in remote areas, as well as much finer resolution.  Oh and there’s a Land Rover branded carabiner in the box too.

    Elsewhere Bullit has pre-installed additional applications for hiking enthusiasts including a useful customisable dashboard utility with compass, weather and other information.

    Land Rover Explore | SIM Free | Clove UK

    The Land Rover Explore will be available SIM Free from Clove Technology for £599 (£499.17 ex-VAT). Stock is due by April 26th and early orders will receive a FREE Adventure Pack.

    Land Rover Explore Key Features

    • Android 7.1 Nougat with scheduled 8.0 Oreo update
    • 5″ Full HD toughened IPS LCD display & Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    • ViewRanger topographical mapping solution pre-installed
    • Additional hiking & utility apps pre-installed
    • MediaTek Helio X27 processor & 4GB RAM
    • 16MP rear camera / 8MP selfie camera
    • 64GB storage / micro SD support
    • Compatible with additional Land Rover accessory packs
    • 4,000 mAh battery / GPS / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / DUAL SIM

    Land Rover Explore SIM Free Clove UK

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