• BlackBerry KEY2 to be officially announced on June 7th

    By Josh Bethell , May 14, 2018 - Leave a comment

    Following the undeniable success of last year’s KEYone, it’s no surprise that a successor would be in the works. Rumours have been rife about a new codename BlackBerry Athena. Those rumours have now been confirmed as the BlackBerry KEY2 following an official tweet from @BBMobile:

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    BlackBerry KEY2 logo Clove UK Details are still very scarce about the full specifications, however, we don’t really expect much to change. The KEYone had a winning combination of mid-high range specs. The efficient Snapdragon 625 and smaller screen delivered excellent battery life.

    We anticipate a similar specification this year, albeit with a bump in the processor to reflect a year’s advancement. There will also likely be a jump in the camera quality. The textured logo in BlackBerry’s image hints that KEY2 may have the rubber backing of the updated “Black Edition” of the KEYone.

    Delivering a tweaked version of Android for a few years now, BlackBerry have managed to stay true to their security roots. We’ve talked in the past about the additional lengths they go to to ensure a secure environment. They also pledge to match Google’s security updates.

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    There isn’t any pricing information yet, this should be available following the June announcement. For now you can register for updates on our product page. As soon as we get confirmed pricing and stock dates, we’ll email the notification list.

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