• How to Use an iPhone in Ten Ways

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    The possibilities of your Apple iPhone are endless. From tools to texts and Siri to snaps, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful and hidden features that come with your Apple iPhone device.


    Text Reply to Missed Calls

    Did you know that your iPhone comes with pre-set text responses to missed calls?

    Or even better, that you can customise them yourself?

    On your device, head to Settings -> Phone -> Respond With Text. If you want to create a personal message, tap on one of the pre-set messages and type in your own.

    Hit the Phone button in the top left-hand corner and you’re ready to go!


    Correct Siri Name Pronunciations


    Even our loveable friend gets things wrong sometimes.

    When Siri pronounces a name incorrectly, respond with ‘You pronounced it wrong’. Siri will then ask you how to pronounce your contact’s name and upon your reply, will generate a list of options that you can listen to.

    Pick the best pronunciation or press ‘Tell Siri again’ if none of them sound as anticipated.



    Shake to Erase

    Save precious time and physically shake your iPhone device to delete large paragraphs of text.

    Turn the function on within the ‘Accessibility’ tab in ‘Settings’ and find ‘Shake to Undo’.

    When switched on, simply shake your phone and tap ‘Undo’ to see text disappear!



    Find the Electronic Spirit Level


    Found good use for your trusty Compass App? Well swipe left and discover two tools in one.

    An electronic spirit level displays the degree of inclination, as two circles line up when your iPhone is placed on a horizontal surface.

    Find the perfect point and your display turns green.



    Set Up Custom Vibrations for Contacts


    Want to know who’s contacting you without having to pull your phone from your pocket? Your iPhone allows you to set up custom vibrations for all your contacts.


    Simply hit ‘Edit’ whilst selecting a contact and click ‘Vibraation’. From here you can ‘Create New Vibration’ and set up a buzz accordingly.


    Get Siri to Announce Who’s Calling You Whilst Wearing Headphones



    Another useful feature from the iPhone is the ability to set up Siri so that it can tell you who’s calling whilst you’re wearing headphones.

    Simply go to Settings -> Phone -> Announce Calls to choose your preference. This is a real necessity for those on the go!




    Correct Autocorrect

    Attempt to type one word and your iPhone auto-corrects it to something else? We’ve all experienced it.

    Ease the frustration and hit Keyboard -> Text Replacement to add those words your iPhone always corrects. It’ll save you heaps of time and energy!


    Take a Photo Whilst Recording


    Simple, but effective. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that they can take a picture with their iPhone whilst it’s recording.

    It’s simple – press the round button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and your image will be captured. You can thank us later!


    Snap With Your Headphone Buttons

    Just as you’re able to snap pictures with the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone, so too can you do this with the volume controls on your headphones.

    Simply click up or down whilst the camera is open and your image will be stored.


    Use Bluetooth to Show Your Parked Location


    Are you forever forgetting where you left your car? Now Google Maps on your iPhone can tell you!

    Head to Settings -> Maps and turn on ‘Show Parked Location’. Then find your car on your map!

    This helpful feature works with cars with Bluetooth and iPhones with iOS 10 or later.




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