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    The world is awash with streaming boxes. After-market products from manufacturers such as Roku offer a range of features and compatible services. Some may use a games console and TV providers such as Sky and BT also integrate many cool features into their set-top boxes.

    If you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem however then Apple TV provides seamless interaction with your other iOS and MacOS devices.

    Apple TV’s interface is super-slick. A lot of thought has gone into the platform’s UI to make it as easy as possible to integrate existing services and discover new content. Should you make regular use of iTunes, as well as 3rd parties like Netflix, then either of Apple’s new 4K or 4th Gen units could find pride of place in your living room.

    You’ll also be able to enjoy seamless AirPlay connectivity to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    Apple TV 4K

    Apple TV 4K

    The 4K version of Apple’s new TV box is fully compatible with UHD services.

    If you have a relevant account with Netflix, Amazon, Sky, BT Sport or others, the 4K model delivers the highest quality stream possible to your 4K enabled TV.

    Apple TV 4K is also HDR compliant for crisper and more vibrant colour reproduction.


    Apple TV 4K | From £179 inc. VAT

    Apple TV 4th Gen

    Apple TV 4th GenIf you want Apple’s most recent TV technology, but don’t need 4K output, then the 4th Gen model is for you.

    This has all of the most recent updates and streaming service support found in the 4K model, with a traditional 1080p HD output.

    Apple TV 4th Gen | £149 inc. VAT

    Siri Remote

    Apple Siri RemoteCompatible with both the 4K and 4th Gen systems, why not grab a spare remote. With a touch-sensitive surface and Siri built-in, you can control your TV by hand or voice.

    The Siri Remote can also be used to control games and other interactive apps installed on the TV unit.

    Apple TV Remote | £59 inc. VAT

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