• Microsoft Xbox One X just: £449.99 and Xbox One S: £249.99

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    Microsoft Xbox One X and One S now available

    Yes, that is right following on from our success with introducing the Sony PlayStation 4 to our site.  It is now possible to also buy the Xbox One X and S from us.  If you want to take a look at the previous PS4 post click HERE.

    Xbox One X

    The Xbox One X is currently the most powerful console available, offering a true 4K gaming experience.  This is due to its unprecedented specification, which includes 6 teraflops of graphical processing power.  Meaning that it is up to 40% more powerful than any other console.

    An ever-increasing number of Blockbuster games are taking advantage of the power the Xbox One X offers. Through enhancements, which make the playing experience better.  This includes the addition of HDR, for a wider gamut of colours, improved frame rates and of course native 2160p resolutions.

    Become part of the Xbox Live community, and you will be able to instantly compete, connect and share with friends online.  Meet up with teammates in a global community across platforms, both Xbox One and Windows 10.

    Enjoy your favourite movies and see them in a whole new way, with the built-in Blu-ray UHD optical drive.  This gives you the ability to watch 4K movies with high-quality sound, including Dolby Atmos.  Making your home experience just like the cinema.  You just need you make your own popcorn!


    Buy Xbox One X | £449.99

    Xbox One S

    For anyone who wants more of a casual gaming experience, there is the Xbox One S.  It doesn’t have the graphical power of the One X, but you can still play the latest games.  Access the Xbox Live community and enjoy the back catalogue Xbox games, as it is backwardly compatible.

    It offers great value for money, yet still features many advanced features including HDR, for a larger gamut of colours.  A Blu-ray UHD optical drive is included, giving you access to the highest quality of movie playback.  Making it not only your source of gaming but also all your entertainment media.

    Xbox One S bundles

    Currently, we are offering two Xbox One S bundles:

    • Assassins Creed Origins and Rainbow Six Siege Bundle – £249.99 inc.VAT
    • Forza 3 Hot Wheels Bundle – £249.99 inc.VAT

    Xbox One S – 1TB – Bundles | From £249.99


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