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    By Josh Bethell , November 23, 2017 - Leave a comment

    It’s that time of year! Black Friday is upon us and we have a few select deals to tempt you with! Some of these have already been live on the website this week. Others are only just live!

    Clove Technology | Black Friday Event


    These deals from Sony did go live on the website earlier this week. They are part of Sony’s official Black Friday promotions though so they won’t be around for long.

    XZ Premium

    The incredible XZ Premium has 2 offers! First up is a price drop to £549. The second is a free pair of Monster earphones.

    XA1 Ultra

    This is an excellent offer – with a price drop to just £250, the XA1 Ultra is incredible value for money.


    Not a price drop, but you can get hold of a free pair of Monster Wireless earphones worth £60 with every XA1.

    PlayStation 4

    3 huge offers for Playstation fans here – all available for the PS4 Slim 500GB.

    For just £239.99, you can choose a bundled copy of Battlefront II, Call of Duty WWII or FIFA 18. You then get an extra black Dualshock 4 controller, a copy of Gran Turismo Sport and an additional bonus game (Singstar Celebrations/ Knowledge is Power / Hidden Agenda).

    This makes the total package one PS4 Slim 500GB, 3 games and an extra controller for just £239.99.

    PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Offers


    Already known for providing excellent budget phones, much of the Moto line has been reduced!

    Moto E4: Reduced from £129 to £112.93

    Moto E4 Plus: Reduced from £169 to £135.72

    Moto G5: Reduced from £169.99 to £142.67

    Moto G5S: Reduced from £219 to £182.23

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