• Official LG cases: K4 / K8 / K10 (2017)

    By Josh Bethell , November 11, 2017 - Leave a comment

    LG K10 (2017) DualPro Incipio BlackFor a solid defense, Incipio’s Dual Pro case for the LG K (2017) range is an excellent choice.

    This case is made from two parts. The first is a shock absorbent inner core made from dLAST™ TPE. This dissipates energy around the handset rather than having it focussed in one point.

    The phone can be used with just the inner cover but for full protection, the outer polycarbomnate shell should also be clipped on. An impact-resistant Plextonium™ frame, this shell take the force of an initial blow.

    A soft-touch finish has also been added to the outer shell. So even though you add a little overall size to the phone, it still feels comforatable in the hand and wont slip on glossy surfaces.

    LG K10 (2017) Incipio Dual Pro LGE-301

    Exclusively for LG K10 (2017 Edition). Available now for £24.99 (20.82 ex VAT)

    LG K8 (2017) Incipio Dual Pro LGE-298

    Exclusively for LG K8 (2017 Edition). Available now for £24.99 (20.82 ex VAT)

    LG K4 (2017) Incipio Dual Pro LGE-300

    Exclusively for LG K4 (2017 Edition). Available now for £24.99 (20.82 ex VAT)


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