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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black S-PenOne of 2017’s biggest releases – literally – the Galaxy Note8 has received a lot of praise from critics.

    If you’ve got hold of one yourself, then you might be looking for a decent case. Samsung make a few themselves, although the 1st party stuff doesn’t come cheap. If you want something a bit more affordable, that still offers excellent protection, then Case Mate are one of the world’s leading 3rd party manufacturers.

    We always stock a range of Case-Mate accessories for the biggest releases and the Note8 is no exception.

    For the full range of Galaxy Note8 cases available from Clove, follow the link below.

    Case-Mate Accessories | Galaxy Note 8

    Wallet Folio Case

    Case Mate Wallet Folio Galaxy Note8

    Basic but highly effective. The Wallet Folio is manufactured from treated black leather and covers the entire Note8 phone.

    Inside the case are multiple slots for credit cards and cash. Cut outs for the camera and charging port are also left open.

    Wristlet Folio Case

    Case Mate Wristlet Folio Case Galaxy Note8

    With a more feminine design, the Wristlet case is styled similarly to a purse or clutch bag. The Folio clips over the front of the phone with a signature-embossed fastener. Inside you’ll find space for cash and cards too.

    This case uses the same premium leather material as the more masculine wallet style but with a pebbled effect. A detachable wrist strap is also included. This makes the phone easier to pull from a bag or helps you hold it tightly if kept in the hand.

    Karat Case

    Case Mate Karat Case Galaxy Note8

    After something a little more flamboyant? Case-Mate’s new Karat range adds some sparkle to your phone while going through the boring job of keeping it safe.

    Each Karat case features individual suspended elements for a unique finish. You can choose from Rose Gold metallic shards, Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver flakes or pressed, dried flowers.

    Naked Tough Case

    Case Mate Naked Tough Galaxy Note8


    Want protection and an eye catching design? Naked Tough is the one to go for.

    3 designs are available. Iridescent with dynamic colour-change sheen, Waterfall Iridescent with suspended silver metallic elements or Waterfall Rose Gold with suspended red-hue metallic elements.

    Clear Tough Case

    Case Mate Clear Tough Case Galaxy Note8

    Simple but gets the job done with the minimum of fuss. Clear Tough is a one-piece sheath for your phone manufactured from non-toxic materials with a clear finish that doesn’t yellow following exposure to sunlight and UV.

    Case-Mate Accessories | Galaxy Note 8

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