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    Doro have long been a company with a particular focus. Ensuring seniors and those less able can communicate effectively in the modern world is one of their core values.

    Doro 8040 | £220 | SIM Free

    Doro 8040 SIM Free CloveWith modern technology evolving rapidly though, staying up to speed with developments can be difficult. Smartphones have become an almost ubiquitous tool far faster than traditional home computing ever did.

    Doro’s range of simple feature phones have made them a global leader in the senior mobile phone market. Translating that success to much more advanced technology has required a lot of work. The new Doro 8040 is the most recent example of that work and an excellent choice for any new, novice or even physically/visually impaired smartphone user.

    The smartphone range launched by Doro a couple of years ago and has been widely praised. Based on the popular Android mobile operating system, Doro developed a unique interface to aid learning and using their handsets.

    This interface puts important features (calls, messages, email etc.) front and centre. Modern smart features such as web browsing and GPS maps are easy to locate. More advanced users can also locate and use the full Android features & settings through an Enhanced Mode. This is never presented as necessary though, so those less comfortable with smartphone technology can operate entirely within the basic Doro interface and still enjoy modern smartphone features.

    Basic accessibility issues are catered for too. Font size is adjustable throughout the phone. Volume can reach a maximum of 83 dB at 1 metre, plus the handset is T3/M3 hearing aid compatible. An ‘assistance button’ can be pressed to instantly message  or call preset contacts.

    Doro 8040 Official Video

    My Doro Manager

    Remote management of the handset is available through Doro’s My-Doro-Manager service. This convenient web-based service uses TeamViewer integration. When accessed, someone at Doro can take control of the phone to show you how to use certain features. This can guide the user through adjusting settings, adding contacts, locating the device if lost, making it ring or locking it.

    With the owner’s knowledge and permission, friends and family can also log-in remotely.

    Doro 8040 | £250 | SIM Free

    Doro 8040 Key Features

    Doro 8040 SIM Free Clove Cradle

    • Android 7.0 (Nougat) operating system features all standard smartphone apps (further apps can be downloaded)
    • Simplified smartphone interface designed for new users
    • Large 5″ screen with resizable text, icons, contrast & brightness
    • Optional display modes for visually impaired users
    • 8 MP camera with auto-focus and flash
    • FM Radio / Wi-Fii / Bluetooth / GPS
    • 3G and 4G LTE compatible
    • T3/M3 Hearing Aid compatible

    Robert Puskaric, CEO of Doro Group, comments: “With the full integration of our web-based portal, mydoromanager.com, we have addressed the needs of the senior and taken the device to the next level.  It will change the way seniors interact and connect with loved ones. The Doro 8040 is our best smartphone yet; truly and fully adapted for the user.”

    Peter Marsden, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Doro, says: “The 8040 is the first Doro smartphone that caters both for those that are unfamiliar with smartphone technology, and those who have used smartphones in the past but are keen to take advantage of Doro’s renowned DNA features – all thanks to the Enhanced Mode. Now, seniors with smartphone experience can enjoy loud and clear sound and easy to see icons through a multi-faceted interface. This is an important upgrade from the Doro 8030 and an exciting addition to our product portfolio.”

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