• Thinkware F100 & Weatherpoof External Camera

    By Josh Bethell , November 4, 2017 - Leave a comment

    Dash cams are becoming ever more popular. It’s no surprise that owners of trade vehicles may want them for additional protection. But if you drive a van or other vehicle with no rear windscreen, how best to get rear recording?

    Thinkware F100 | £218 | Rear External Camera

    If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cutting into panels or installing the bumper, Thinkware have an option for you. Alongside their popular and affordable F100 camera, you can use pick up a weatherproof camera. This has been designed for external mounting.

    Supplied with a mounting bracket and fixtures, the IP67 rated mount can be fixed to the chassis or bodywork. You can then pick the best recording angle based on your positioning.

    The external rear camera is available as a purchase option when ordering the F100 from our website. You can also choose to have a standard HD rear camera, or an infrared camera for internal nightvision.

    Thinkware Dash Cam F100 Key Features

    • Simple, lightweight, discreet design
    • Sony CMOS sensor – 1080p recording at 30 frames per second
    • 16GB internal memory
    • Add micro SD cards up to 64GB extra for recording capacity
    • 135-degree wide angle view
    • Thermal protection – designed to resist high temperatures in-car
    • Optional GPS with additional module
    • Choose from optional rear cameras: HD | Infrared | External

    Thinkware F100 | £218 | Rear External Camera

    Thinkware F100 UK


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