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    Home security is important to many of us. Setting up fully managed CCTV though is often beyond the average household budget. Here’s where Ring step in.

    Ring’s manufacture an innovative range of connected doorbells and cameras. These utilise modern storage & notification systems and provide instant communication via a smartphone app.

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    Ring are perhaps best-known for there widely advertised smart doorbells. These all feature embedded video cameras, plus a speaker and microphone for two-way conversation. All Ring products connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Through an app on your mobile, you can instantly view any footage they record.

    Most of the bells are available with battery packs, so you can install them in minutes. The option to wire into your home’s electrical system is also available. Some of the standalone cameras and higher tier bells require wiring in.

    Ring Doorbells

    With every Ring doorbell, you can receive notifications to your smartphone the moment anyone presses the button.

    Ring Video Doorbell

    Ring Video Doorbell

    This is the original Ring model with 720p camera & 6 month rechargeable battery.

    £150 | Video Doorbell v.1

    Ring Video Doorbell 2

    Ring Video Doorbell 2

    An update to the original product, this will soon be the only model on sale. Version 2 is slimmer, increases video resolution to 1080p and also provides a more convenient charging solution.

    £170 | Video Doorbell v.2

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    Designed for wired use only, the Pro model should be installed by an electrician. Supplied with 4 face plates and one indoor ‘Chime’ speaker (usually sold separately).

    £229 | Video Doorbell Pro

    Ring Security Cameras

    These security cameras have all the same video features as Ring’s bells. The only difference is that they are designed for installation higher on a building and don’t have a button interface.

    Ring Stick Up Cam (and optional Solar Panel)

    Ring Stick Up Cam

    Almost identical to the original Ring doorbell; Stick Up Cam records in 720p and has a 6 month battery. Rather than the option to wire to your electrics, you can use an optional Solar Panel to deliver continuous power over USB

    £150 | Stick Up Cam

    £47 | Solar Panel

    Ring Spotlight Cam

    Ring Spotlight Cam

    Up and running quickly, this weatherproof camera and light combo is powered from a standard mains outlet. You’ll find a basic mounting bracket in the box to fix it to an external wall, then you can trail the power cable down or drill a hole to get it inside.

    £220 | Spotlight Cam

    Ring Floodlight Cam

    Ring Floodlight Cam

    One to really light up unwanted visitors! The Spotlight Cam has a super-wide 270 degree field of view, and illuminates with a bright 3000 Kelvin cool white light. This unit requires professional electrical installation and is supplied with a mounting bracket and AC transformer.

    £240 | Floodlight Cam

    Ring App

    You can connect to your Ring Video Doorbell from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection. Either log in to your online account from a desktop PC or laptop, or use the official mobile app for iOS or Android.

    Ring App Available on iTunes

    Ring App Available on Google Play

    Ring Recording Plans

    There’s no obligation to start up a recording plan, although signing up does provide you with additional benefits.

    The standard Free tier gives you access to instant push notifications, streaming audio/video and live view. That’s all you nee dot get started using Ring.

    To store your recordings for future viewing, then you can choose from the Basic or Protect plans.

    Both plans offer Cloud storage of all recorded Ring videos for up to 60 days with unlimited access and review. You can also save some clips, plus instantly share videos with friends or law enforcement if required.

    Additionally, the Basic plan offers 1 year extended warranty to protect against damage or theft. The Protect Plan has a lifetime warranty against damage or theft. Basic is available for £24.99 (£2.50 p/month p/camera) and Protect costs £80 (£8 p/month unlimited Ring products).

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