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    TCL LIFE Monitoring Kit Retail Clove UKWhen you’re out of the house, would you like to know what’s actually going on back home? Did the kids arrive home at the right time? Did you shut the garage door ? Has the gardener been? Did you close all the windows and doors?

    With the TCL Life Home Monitoring Kit, you can have the answers to these questions immediately. A modular system, this kit can grow around your needs.

    TCL Life Pack | £144 | Clove Technology

    The base monitoring kit has the essentials to get you up and running. Additional cameras and sensors can be attached later to build a bigger and more robust system.

    Professionally installed systems are expensive and can often disrupt your home. TCL’s kit is designed as a simple consumer alternative. This shouldn’t necessarily replace alarms or hard-wired CCTV systems, yet can add an extra dimension for remote monitoring.

    The components talk to each using Wi-Fi and Zigbee wireless technology. You don’t need cables except for the Bridge power cable. The satellite units are all battery powered and will last up to years with their included cells.

    Stylish, yet discreet the components within the TCL Life monitoring kit will fit neatly into your home.

    TCL LIFE application

    TCL have also developed a dedicated application for your Android or iOS smartphone.

    You can connect to your TCL Kit remotely through the app, wherever you have an Internet connection. This will let you see what’s happening and assess whether you need to take any actions. You can also set the system up to provide you with notifications if there are changes.

    TCL LIFE Introduction Video

    TCL Life Pack | £144 | Clove Technology

    TCL Life Home Monitoring Kit Main Features

    TCL LIFE Monitoring Kit Box Contents

    • Monitor your home or office remotely
    • iOS and Android application: monitor equipment & receive alerts and notifications
    • 720p HD camera: Two-way audio support, microSD card slot, 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt
    • Motion sensor: Detect motion with a room
    • Door / Window sensor: Detect motion on doors/windows other moving items
    • Home bridge: Controls the LIFE system and allows Internet communication with smartphone app
    • Battery powered: Up to 2 years battery life
    • No professional installation required: Simple and easy to fit
    • Uses Wi-Fi and Zigbee for Internet and device communication
    • Expand the system with ease with extra components

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