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    Nuu Mobile M2 SIM Free Clove

    Smartphones are a huge global market, with several manufacturers and brands vying for attention. You’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t space left for any more! Agile companies will always look for a niche though and Nuu Mobile are just that.

    Nuu Mobile M2 | £117 | SIM Free

    The M2 is the second most expensive handset in Nuu Mobile’s current range. But at only £117 it’s not even close to some of the competition!

    Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality though. Mobile specifications have plateaued in the past couple of years. This means that components which were once top of the range, are now available at the lower end of the market.

    Capitalising on this, Nuu Mobile have a range of easily accessible mobiles to suit even the most budget-conscious buyer.

    Great for new users or fleet purchases

    Nuu Mobile M2 SIM Free Clove

    The Nuu Mobile range are unlikely to win awards or receive glowing reviews in big name tech magazines. That’s not what they’re hoping to achieve though.

    Nuu Mobile’s philosophy is to present the most affordable options in an increasingly saturated market. If you simply want a modern, connected device at the lowest possible price, then Nuu Mobile should have the phone for you.

    The M2 runs Android 7.0 Nougat, so it is fairly up to date. With a decent quad-core processor it is also capable of running several recent apps.

    The main difference when compared to the M3 is a slightly smaller 5″ HD screen. If the larger M3 seems unwieldy, then this is the option to go for.

    Dual SIM

    Every smartphone we range from Nuu Mobile is Dual SIM (dual-standby). With this technology, you can run two SIM cards and numbers in the phone at the same time.

    If you receive a call on one line, the other will switch to standby (voicemail if active). In the settings you can decide whether to have outgoing calls/messages defaulted to one SIM, or to provide the option of using either.

    Dual SIM capability is increasingly popular. Many people use the technology to run a second line for work. Others may travel or lot, or find themselves wanting to call home to family in another country. You can often find great rates for international calls with niche suppliers, so having one phone to handle domestic and international calls on different numbers is especially useful.

    Nuu Mobile M2 | £117 | SIM Free

    Nuu Mobile M2 Key Features

    • Dual SIM LTE
    • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
    • 5-inch HD 720p IPS Display
    • 16GB of internal storage (increase storage by adding up to a 128GB microSD card)
    • 1.3GHz Quad-core – MediaTek MTK6737
    • 8MP Main camera with BSI sensor and LED flash
    • 5MP front-facing camera
    • 4G LTE connectivity

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