• Nokia 3310 3G Version: Due October 25th

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    Earlier this year, nostalgia fans went crazy over the re-imagined Nokia 3310. The simple 2G only phone caught the imagination of a huge number of people wanting to downscale their mobile experience.

    Nokia 3310 3G | SIM Free | Clove

    Of course, the fact the 3310 didn’t even have 3G compatibility was a cause of concern for some people. Traditional 2G networks have already been switched off in a number of countries around the world. Others are quickly following suit through 2017-18. In fact many modern carriers such as Hutchison 3G don’t even provide a 2G GSM service.

    Nokia 3310 – 3G Data – Simplified

    Nokia have swiftly responded and now you can order the upgraded 3310 with 3G compatibility. Due in stock towards the end of this month, it still has all the same retro reasons to buy as the first model. The phone will be available in four colours: Blue, Black, Yellow and Red.

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    The robust, lightweight and pocketable design remains. As does the removal of temptation from a billion connected applications. This comes with a slight caveat though: Facebook and Twitter are available, albeit with a highly streamlined look. These two social apps have a custom interface, built just for the 3310’s small RGB screen.

    The addition of 3G also means you can much more quickly access email. Basic websites optimised for a small interface will also load much faster.

    All in all, the 3G model of the Nokia 3310 addresses the glaring shortcomings of the original’s release in a connected 2017, while sticking true to the promise of a phone that aims to simplify your online presence.

    Nokia 3310 3G | SIM Free | Clove

    Nokia 3310 3G Colours Swooping

    Reasons to buy the Nokia 3310 3G

    • Nokia Series 30+ OS
    • 2.4″ QVGA colour screen
    • 64 MB internal storage with support for 32GB MicroSD cards
    • 2 MP primary camera with LED flash
    • 2G GSM (900 / 1800 MHz) / 3G HSPA (900 / 2100 MHz)
    • 3.5mm audio jack / FM Radio / MP3 player
    • Micro USB (2.0) connector
    • Removable 1,200 mAh battery
    • 117 x 52.4 x 13.4 mm
    • Available in 4 colours

    Nokia 3310 3G | SIM Free | Clove

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