• Samsung Gear VR R234 with Controller: £90

    By Josh Bethell , September 21, 2017 - Leave a comment

    Samsung Gear VR 217Redesigned for 2017, the new Gear VR SM-324 is structured to be lightweight and fit comfortably. The adjustable strap and foam cushioning let the Gear VR sit naturally, and the adjustable head strap secures the unit, letting you get the placement right whichever Samsung Galaxy phone you use.

    Samsung Gear VR 2017 | £90 | Clove Technology

    This upgraded version of the Gear VR comes complete with a wireless handheld controller. Replacing the touchpad on the side of previous VR units, the controller lets navigate through the VR menus and interact with content.

    The touch pad offers directional input, as well as scrolling / sliding, plus there are two action buttons, one trigger and volume control too.

    Samsung Gear VR SM-324 Key Features

    • New VR controller for more natural and immersive interaction
    • Wide 101-degree field of view
    • Premium apps & video content available from Warner Bros, CNN, UFC, X-Games and more
    • Redesigned ergonomic fit and adjustable head strap

    Samsung Gear VR 2017 | £90 | Clove Technology

    Samsung Gear VR SM-324 Compatibility

    The Gear VR SM-324 is supplied with switchable microUSB and USB Type-C connectors.

    Samsung’s design allows for you to use any recent Samsung Galaxy S and Note device since the Galaxy S6 (except Note8). This includes the following Galaxy phones:

    • S6, S6 edge, S6 edge plus
    • S7, S7 edge
    • S8, S8 Plus
    • Note5
    • Note7 Fan Edition

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  • This Gear VR is not the Note 8 edition. I have this one already and my Note 8 does not fit properly causing part of the phone to stick up on one side with subsequent lens distortion. The new varient that was released in the US a couple of weeks ago has not been announced in the UK yet (unless you have some inside knowledge?)

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