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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM Free UK

    The most advanced Samsung smartphone ever announced – The Galaxy Note 8 is a powerhouse of modern mobile technology.

    A large 6.3″ screen is made manageable thanks to the unique 18.5:9 screen ratio. The so-called Infinity Display creates a wider, more cinematic view and also helps to make the phone feel slimmer in the hand than the traditional 16:9 display.

    Samsung’s 3D curved edges create a seamless transition from front to back, so the phone feels as if it flows into your hand.

    Even with the tiny top and bottom bezels, you still have full control over the Note 8 in one hand. The home button is now invisible, integrated into the screen glass and responding with localised vibration to mimic the effect of a true physical button.


    Galaxy Note 8 | £869 | UK SIM Free

    Midnight Black is in stock and shipping today. Maple Gold is due to arrive tomorrow.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Key Features

    • Android 7.1 (Nougat) – multi-language, multi-view & native VR
    • Android 8 (Oreo) update confirmed
    • 6.3 inch QHD+ (1440 x 2960) Infinity display (18.5 : 9 ratio) Super AMOLED
    • 2.4 GHz Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8995 processor / 6GB RAM
    • 64GB storage & microSD support (up to 256GB)
    • 12MP dual cameras with dual OIS
    • 8MP selfie camera with face tracking autofocus
    • 3,300 mAh battery with fast charging and wireless charging (Qi or PMA)
    • Bluetooth 5.0 / GPS / Dual Band Wi-Fi / NFC
    • Gorilla Glass 5 front & back
    • IP68 water and dust resistant
    • 162.5 x 74.6 x 8.5 mm
    • USB Type-C / 3.5mm audio jack / Dedicated Bixby button

    S-Pen Features

    The upgraded S-Pen for the Galaxy Note 8 has a finer 0.7mm nib and 4096 pressure levels – more than any previous Note device.

    This additional sensitivity provides deeper control than with any previous Note. This many pressure levels allows for incredible drawing capabilities and unparalleled handwriting recognition.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drawing

    Live Messages

    Use the S Pen to bring your conversations to life with Live Messages. Draw emoji, create animated GIFs and doodles or annotate photos and stored pictures.

    The results can be included in messages with most leading messaging services.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Notes

    GIF Creator

    Simply use the S Pen to highlight a section of video as it plays on your screen. This can then be sent as a GIF message (in supported messaging applications).

    Samsung Notes

    The Notes app is the quickest and simplest way to jot down information throughout the day.

    When using Notes there is a huge range of brushes, pens, and colours. Get creative and start doodling, or just use the available options to better organise and colour-code your information!

    Pen.Up is a fantastic community that allows users to share their S-Pen drawings. Users can create and share, as well as participating in challenges and tasks. There’s even a new colouring-in facility with several templates to pick from!

    Screen Off Memo

    Notes can be saved onto your Note 8 screen, then interacted with, without having to fully unlock.

    Using the AMOLED always-on display, you can literally just take out the S-Pen and start writing to create a new Memo. When finished, you have the choice to save the memo as instantly accessible and editable on the lock screen or save it into the Notes app.

    Screen Writing

    Whilst using the Note 8, there are several occasions when you can pull out the S Pen and use it to interact with the screen.

    Capture and annotate – Found a long article online that you don’t have time to read fully? Use the S-Pen to save the page as a single image that you can view later. You can even mark up and annotate on the screen, before saving the image.

    Translate – Simply highlight key words or phrases and have them translated into your native language immediately. This feature can also perform instant unit conversions, such as Imperial to Metric or currencies.

    Magnify – Highlight a section of a page or image and have it magnified right away.

    Glance – A new method of multitasking, you can minimise one app or window into the corner of the screen, then tap it to switch between it and another in full-screen.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 DeX Station


    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features an all new Dual Sensor camera set up.

    The first camera utilises a wide-angle lens to better capture landscapes and group shots. The second camera then has a telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom. Using both cameras can enhance the depth of field and provide some incredible software tricks.

    In a world first, OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) is now included in both cameras! This will better stabilise still photography and video recording.

    Live Focus

    Using Live Focus, you can adjust foreground focus and background blur in real time and after an image has been taken. The Bokeh effect this creates is sought after by many and adds a professional layer of shine to even amateur photography.

    This works by the camera system taking two simultaneous images – Dual Capture – so you have both a wide-angle shot and a closer, more intimate capture of every scene. Even when taking a ‘normal’ picture, an extra wide-angle image is saved, just in case you missed something in the background!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus

    Low light capture

    Using a f/1.7 aperture and large 1.4µm pixels for both main sensors, the Note 8 has excellent low-light performance, capturing fine details and colour contrasts in dark environments that would be unshootable with other smartphone cameras.

    Selfie camera

    Turn the camera around and you can experience the 8MP selfie camera. This also features a f/1.7 aperture and uses Smart Auto Focus to best capture quick shots.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gold Rear Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gold S-Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black S-Pen


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