• BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition available to order: £549

    By Josh Bethell , September 1, 2017 - Leave a comment

    BB KEYone Black Edition SIM Free UK Front Angle

    The BlackBerry KEYone has been one of the success stories of 2017.

    Not many industry analysts would have suggested that the BlackBerry brand would have a resurgence, yet a return to their core design with the physical-keyboard-endowed KEYone has proven to be the perfect gamble.

    This has been one of our best sellers so far this year and with good reason. For those of you that want a smartphone to just get things done, a KEYone is the perfect partner.

    So it is with a big smile on our faces we announce the special Black Edition will be available this month. Released earlier in August, this was originally going to be for the Indian market only. Thankfully BlackBerry have decided to give the Black Edition a more global release.

    Aside from the sleeker all black finish around the trim and camera, this KEYone version ups the specification slightly too. The storage and RAM are increased to 64GB and 4GB respectively. We are currently taking orders and first stock is due to be available in about 2 week’s time.

    BB KEYone Black Edition | £549 | Mid September

    BlackBerry KEYone Black Editio Key Specifications

    • Android 7.1 OS
    • 64GB internal storage / 4 GB RAM
    • Pure Black finish
    • 4.5” scratch-resistant touch screen display
    • 4 row QWERTY keyboard
    • Swipe navigation and gestures via the keyboard
    • Programmable convenience key
    • MicroSD memory card slot
    • 8MP front camera with flash
    • 12MP auto-focus large pixel rear camera
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • BlackBerry security software
    • USB Type-C connector
    • RGB notification LED

    BB KEYone Black Edition SIM Free UK RearBB KEYone Black Edition SIM Free UK Front


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