• Cat S41 Rugged Smartphone available now: £399

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    Cat S41 SIM Free Clove RedThe rugged range of Cat phones have been increasingly popular over the past few years. Suitable for workers across many industries, Cat phones provide a trusted brand in a growing segment of the smartphone market.

    Cat S41 | £399 | SIM Free

    Where other rugged brands have often been overpriced and under-performed, Cat’s range have consistently won praise. The S60 for instance, with a unique thermal camera, has captured the imagination of many of our customers.

    With the S41 Cat are focusing on reliability. The specifications – check those below – are now bang up to date. The Mediatek P20 processor and Android 7 installation make for a solid mid-range 2017 phone. Elsewhere, the S41 features a massive 5,000 mAh battery. It also has the ability to turn into a power-bank with a special app.

    Improvements have also been made to the rugged credentials of the Cat S41. Its specification now exceeds the IP68 rating touted by other rugged phones, and, increasingly, high end fashion phones. Where the 68 rating defines water-resistance to 1.5m and 30 minutes, the S41 ican withstand 2m for 60 minutes. Additional testing has also been performed to verify the Cat S41 as resistant to thermal shocks, salt mist spray and fine particulates.

    Cat S41 for industry, worker & consumer

    Rugged phones from Cat provide a robust and powerful solution for several industries, at an affordable consumer price point. At £399, the Cat S41 is an accessible product for anyone that wants a more reliable smartphone.

    Perhaps you have an active lifestyle that sees you regularly down the beach or trailing in forest. Maybe you work or spend a lot of time in environments filled with sawdust and other not-smartphone-friendly materials. Whoever you are, the Cat S41 can have a place with you.

    The Cat S41 is powered by Android 7 and the recent Mediatek P20 chipset. As such it is capable of running modern smart applications and integrating with corporate MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions.

    For corporate interest or bulk orders of the Cat S41, please contact sales@clove.co.uk for further information and pricing.

    Cat S41 | £399 | SIM Free

    Cat S41 Specifications & Key Features

    • Android 7 Nougat & productivity apps (Battery Share, AVG, Office Suite, File Commander, App Toolbox)
    • 5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    • 2.3 GHz octa-core Mediatek P20 processor
    • 13MP main camera with PDAF & LED flash / 8MP selfie camera
    • Beyond IP68: water-resistant to 2m/60mins & drop-proof to 1.8m
    • Resistant to thermal shocks, salt mist spray and fine particulates
    • Huge 5,000 mAh battery with power sharing app (use as a power bank)
    • Strengthened die-cast frame and textured, grippy finish

    Cat S41 SIM Free Main Blue Cat S41 SIM Free Rear Cat S41 SIM Free Duo


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