• Thinkware F800 In Stock: Pro Model Clarification

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    Thinkware F800 Pro Black UK We posted last week about the Thinkware F800 launching this month. Stock has now arrived. That post though triggered some responses asking about which model we would have available.

    I can confirm that Clove Technology are stocking the Thinkware F800 PRO. For clarification on the models, please read on.

    Thinkware F800 Pro | From £269 | Clove

    Thinkware F800 Model Clarification

    The F800 was initially announced back in January as the F800 Air. New cloud storage and remote management features drew early critical acclaim. As the originally intended launch date of July approached, it became apparent that Thinkware had not been able to finalise these features.

    F800 Base Model

    Thinkware still needed to ship a product to some markets however, so a base model F800 was launched. This was primarily for the American (USA) market.

    This model has a silver camera protrusion and the same parking mode features as the previous F770. It does though feature the upgraded Sony STARVIS Exmor R IMX291 sensors. These significantly improve low-light performance.

    Thinkware F800 Pro UK Clove Technology

    F800 Pro

    The F800 Pro is a new release for the UK market. The camera sensors are the same, however the low-power parking mode has been improved.

    The Pro model features 1/3 less power draw. It can also enter a sleep mode, waking up to record 20 seconds of footage if the car/camera are sufficiently rocked to trigger the accelerometer/g-sensor. Motion sensing is also available on both front & rear cameras.

    Finally, the Pro model has a black camera protrusion, which allows for more discreet installation.

    Thinkware F800 Pro | From £269 | Clove

    F800 Air

    This model has not yet been released. It will in effect be a Pro model that features all of the Thinkware Cloud account services and remote management originally advertised.

    Existing Thinkware F800 Pro cameras will be eligible for a FREE software update to add these features.

    Please note, according to our contacts at Thinkware UK F800 Base Model cameras WILL NOT be eligible for this update

    As a UK retailer, Clove Technology are only selling the Pro version. Any F800 camera purchased from Clove Technology will be eligible for the Air update when released.


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