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    When switching phones it can be a pain having to transfer all of your data. This can be especially frustrating when moving from one platform to another, such as iOS to Android.

    Having personal data on different accounts and services can make the prospect of a move daunting. With this in mind, Samsung now have an intelligent system to help almost anyone move over to a Galaxy smartphone.

    The all new Smart Switch system allows people to easily transfer important data to a new Galaxy handset.

    There is support for other Android devices and iOS, as well as older Windows and BlackBerry products. The platform can also operate wirelessly, with a direct USB connection or with an intermediary computer. They’ve thought of pretty much everything!Samsung Smart Switch Kids

    What can be transferred?

    Some switching services struggle to port everything across, especially unique details such as calendar events. Samsung Smart Switch will do its best to get all of the following information across:


    • Contacts
    • Messages
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Calendar events
    • Apps
    • Device settings

    If moving from an earlier Samsung model or most recent Android handsets, all of the above should be found. You can select which options to find and copy. This will let you quickly carry on with the new phone where you left off.

    Should you be coming from an older Android or different operating system, then apps and other system-level settings will not transfer for obvious reasons.

    How does Samsung Smart Switch work?

    There are three main ways in which to use Smart Switch. All have their benefits and you can use the option you are most comfortable with.

    You can perform Smart Switch with a direct USB connection, over a Wi-Fi network or with a computer. Please note that depending on the phone you transfer from, not all of these options will be available.

    The direct USB connection and Wi-Fi options require the Android app. This is pre-installed on newer Samsung phones and can be downloaded from Google Play for other devices.

    Desktop software is available for those wanting saved copies of their data. A direct download is available for Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.

    There are several transfer options for Android and iOS. These include

    • Android to Android Wired Transfer
    • Android to Android Wireless Transfer
    • iOS wired transfer
    • Android to Android via PC or Mac
    • iOS to Galaxy S8 via a PC or Mac
    • iOS to S8 via Wireless (iCloud transfer)

    For a full list of FAQs you can visit the Samsung Support website.

    Samsung Smart Switch Tutorials

    Sync other devices

    If you have an older Samsung device which is not Smart Switch compatible, then you still have an option. You can use the Kies program to connect the phone to a PC.

    Within Kies you can perform a backup of your personal data. When a newer Galaxy Device is connected, relevant data can be transferred to it from Kies.


    Switching to a new phone is a cause for anxiety in many people, regardless of your technical experience. Samsung Smart Switch offers an advanced solution with a simple interface that almost anyone should be able to follow.

    The added bonus of being able to transfer text conversations and other messages makes the system worth recommending to anyone.


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