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    Grab a bargain smartphone

    Occasionally we end up with a number of smartphones which, for whatever reasons, cannot be sold as new.

    This is for a variety of reasons but is typically due to customer returns, or usage of a phone for in-house demonstrations.  Often it is simply due to the box seal having been broken by the customer.  As they have taken a look at the phone and have decided it is not for them.

    In reality, many of these phones are not even been turned on by the customer.  But we cannot guarantee this for any particular handset.  The warranty is typically unaffected, but in certain instances where it is, we show the approximate date when it will expire.

    The benefit with these phones is that they are offered at a significantly discounted price, in comparison to a full priced version.

    Grab a Bargain Smartphone


    To help you choose, we grade each phone so that you have an idea of what to expect when you receive it.

    Grade A

    These mobile phones are just like new and have minimal if any signs of use and are fully functional.

    The difference between a Grade A phone and a new phone. Is usually just that the box has been opened and the phone handled.

    Grade B

    This grade is given to used mobile phones that carry signs of regular use.

    There may be significant cosmetic issues, such as abrasions and small scratches to the screen and casing. This is though a fully functional phone and will be in full working order.

    The retail box will be supplied (unless otherwise stated in the product description).  Some accessories may be missing, which will be shown in the product description.

    Sometimes Grade B phones have undergone refurbishment at a repair centre.  If this is the case it will be declared in the product description.

    Grade C

    This grade is given to phones with signs of heavy use.

    Cracks or dents to casing may be present, these will however not affect the phone’s operation.

    It also covers issues such as missing port covers or plugs and deep scratches (not cracks) to the screen.

    The retail box and accessories may be missing from a Grade C phone (details stated in the product description).

    Grade C phones will have been tested to ensure they are in full working order despite the cosmetic issues and signs of wear.


    Each product listing contained within the Bargain Deals section represents a single handset for sale.  Following purchase, it will be removed from our site and we will process your order. If it happens that more than one order is placed for a particular handset before it is removed from the site, then the first order placed will be processed. Any later orders will be informed by email that the product has been sold and any monies paid refunded.


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