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    Sony Xperia Ear UKIn a recent article I mused about smartwatches and ultimately their function as assistants. Those looking for a personal assistant with a little more sci-fi glitz might be interested in the Xperia Ear.

    Very similar to the Moto Hint that launched towards the end of 2014, Ear is a single earpiece. Responding to voice controls, Ear can be called to action by tapping the main button that creates its surface.

    Once active, you can ask direct questions, as well as interacting with your schedule. This includes being read recent messages, setting and being reminded of appointments, and obtaining mapping information. Bluetooth handles the connection to your phone which does the heavy lifting.

    Sony Xperia Ear | £179 | Clove


    Ear gives you two assistant options: Sony’s own Assistant and Google Now/Home. If you buy into their ecosystem, Sony says their Assistant will be a bridge between other smart equipment. This includes the upcoming Xperia Touch projector and Agent home hub. Potential cross-platform integration with TV and PlayStation looms on the horizon too.

    I actually reviewed the Xperia Ear back in January, so it’s taken a while for Sony to finally bring their assistant to market in the UK! The aesthetic aspects of the review remain unchanged. I have been told though that the Sony Assistant has received a fair update since writing this. Language support, voice recognition and integration with core services have all been expanded on.

    Sony Xperia Ear Key Features

    • Modern, intelligent personal assistant
    • Personalised information for updates on the go
    • Voice commands for hands-free phone use
    • Lightweight so you can wear it all day
    • Voice optimisation, background noise reduction

    Sony Xperia Ear Specifications


    • English (UK)
    • English (US)
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Japanese



    • Ear: 65 mAh
    • Charging caddy: 300mAh


    • Ear: 6.6 grams
    • Charging caddy: 39 grams


    • Ear: 15.2 x 29.3 x 24.3 mm
    • Charging caddy 29 x 41 x 60 mm


    • Assistant/Call key
    • Head Gestures


    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Proximity


    • Bluetooth 4.1
    • NFC


    • Micro USB (on charging caddy)


    • Dual microphone
    • Noise suppression
    • Echo cancellation,
    • Balance Armature driver

    Talk Time

    • Up to 4.0 hours*

    Talk Time with Charging Case

    • Up to 16 hours*

    Stand by Time

    • Up to 80 hours**
    • Values are for when the Battery Care function is off. Values may vary depending on temperature, humidity and operating condition.

    ** Value for Standby time is when the Xperia™ Ear has been put in the ear. Values may vary depending on temperature, humidity and operating condition.

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