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    Olixar Desk TidyWe all know someone with a desk or workspace covered in cables and power adapters for various things. That person might even be you!

    Many solutions exist for decluttering and keeping items a bit more organised.

    Plastic is a common material used for producing desk-tidys and more recently the trend has been to use metal. These products often look really great, feel good in the hand and can be quite robust.

    Something manufactured from wood almost seems novel in comparison.

    Whilst manufactured in a factory there is something very natural and almost homemade about the desk tidy.

    Olixar Desk Tidy

    Precision cut – for products and cables

    Precision cut from light maple wood, the block will look at home in most work settings, and can be painted or otherwise modified to better suit your surroundings if needed.

    The underside of the station has several tracks grooved into the wood. These let you carefully run power cables underneath to avoid having them strewn over a desk.

    There are also a number of slots on the right hand side. In these you can place cable connectors, or other commonly used accessories such as memory cards. On the rear edge are two wells for storing power adapters or other items.

    Two main slots have been cut deep and wide enough to accommodate most modern portable products in portrait or landscape. This includes iPads, iPhones and iPods, plus Android smartphones and tablets too. A number of portable gaming consoles will fit as well.

    If you are looking for something that is a bit different for yourself or maybe as a gift, why not take a look at the Olixar Wooden Smartphone & Tablet Desk Tidy.

    Olixar Wooden Desk Tidy | £24.00

    Olixar Desk Tidy

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