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    By Josh Bethell , July 13, 2017 - Leave a comment

    I am sure some of you have an insatiable desire for the very latest and greatest technology. Whether smartphones or other tech, if it’s new and has a fancy feature then I often feel that initial buzz where I just have to have it!

    Events like Apple’s Keynotes are designed to raise MAXIMUM HYPE.

    The bombastic press events, images and marketing material are meticulously planned to garner hype. It’s a well-oiled machine and everything is perfectly curated to get us interested and picture the product in our lives. Such is the power of advertising!

    However, for me at least, reality often quickly kicks in. Be it a financial constraint, or simple realisation that I don’t really need it, I don’t end up buying anywhere near as much technology as my excitement for gadgets would suggest.

    But let’s assume you have wrestled with the idea. You’ve convinced yourself that this new thing has a place in your life and that you absolutely must have it.

    My question is can you wait for it? Or will you do whatever it takes to get hold of it?

    Many technology items (normally those I want!) are not cheap at all. Few of us have the spare cash lying about to just go and get everything we see.

    As a gamer, I toyed with buying a Nintendo Switch. I *HAD* to have it, until I sat back, considered my lifestyle and realised it wasn’t cost-effective for me at launch. Instead I bought Zelda on the last console and I’m willing to wait a year or so for a better value offer. The Mini SNES however? A value proposition I just couldn’t turn down.

    There are a few options. If you really do want it, are you willing to wait, or do you have to have it right now? Wait a few months and the price may fall as the initial newness wears off. However being part of the early crowd might be what drives your desire for it!

    Would a piece of technology make you change your daily lifestyle habits? Most of us can make savings in a number of places in our personal finances. Is there any gadget you might want that could see you making different choices in the supermarket, or forgoing eating out for a couple of months?

    There is also, of course, the world of credit and finance. Monthly smartphone tariffs are a form of this, as they push people into ‘upgrades’ each year, and many of us finance personal vehicles.

    I suppose the final thought is that we all have different ideas about what we consider essential, desirable, or frivolous. We also all have different attitudes towards how we spend our money.

    I am not here to judge or make comments on what’s right or wrong, or the best way to go about things. Our individual approaches and preferences are what help makes the world the diverse place it is.

    Still, I wonder if everyone goes through the same tortuous decision process as I (often ending in not buying something) when I hear the weekly announcement of a new “life-changing” gadget.

    That said, do let me know your thoughts, I really would like to know the general trends.

    Josh Bethell

    Josh joined Clove part time a few years ago whilst studying Computing at Bournemouth University. Since finishing his studies he has remained at Clove in a full time position, involved in sales, returns and social media. Involved with both consumer electronics and software since the mid 2000s, keeping up to date with industry developments is as much a hobby as it is a job. Easy going but never afraid to share an opinion, Josh can often be found in his spare time listening to some heavy rock or at a local gig as well as playing with the latest gadgets and video games.


  • I guess I got to a point where the new things didn’t Matter as much as having something I can use with ease and that is reliable.
    I have a Wiley phone brought because my Samsung died and I needed a mobile phone. Brought because I liked the name and the camera looked good too.
    Kept it as it works well every day.
    I have problems with the TV remote control and have one main setting on the washing machine as it’s easier.
    So I am not swayed as much by new gadgets.

  • Waiting on a decent flagship spec compact smartphone.
    Rather have physical buttons on the bottom then onscreen but anything sub 140mm with +3GB ram and sd 600 or 800. from this year or last (or comparable processor). MIcro SD.

      • Hello. Yes i did look but although it looks good Sony annoyed me with this device by removing the water proof rating in every country but Japan. Do like the Sony devices but the marketing and management seems very confused. Not sure if Sony mobile will be around long enough to provide android updates.

  • I really love getting the latest and greatest but like most consumers money is the issue with me. I wish that some of the phone manufacturers look allow me to test drive for at least two to three months. Or have a buyback program to make it easier to get there later than greatest.

    • Thanks Roland. A buyback scheme would be great – it’s something we’ve thought about here at Clove but with such a wide product range it would probably be too difficult for us to implement and remain cost effective.

  • HI Josh, thanks so much for a very enlightening as well as “wise” article on buying gadgets. It really made me rethink how I go about my purchasing from a psychological standpoint. In this age of “the latest and greatest” coming out on what seems like a monthly basis, it is really important for “gadget freaks” such as myself to use some temperance when it comes to buying. We are inundated with constant “attractive” advertising. I believe it is vital to step back and take a moment before pressing that “confirm order” button, otherwise I could end up with dozens of gadgets that never even get opened.

    • Thanks for the response John and this is exactly the point I’m trying to make. I’ve lived and worked around tech for many years now and always seem to be fighting the urge to buy something.

      A recent example for me is DJI Drones. They really are impressive bits of technology and there’s a nagging presence in the back of my head that’s been trying to get me to buy one for for the last year or so. Reignited by the new Spark model!

      In the end though I always beat this one back – I know I’ll have some fun with it for a few weeks maybe, but at the end of the day I’ve never really been that big a big fan of photography or remote control toys. Soooo… it’s not actually that desirable to me when I put some though into it. In the I’ll have spent a lot of money on something that will end up gathering dust fairly quickly.

      With more disposable income I expect I’d be a bit more frivolous (wouldn’t most of us?) but as it stands I’m able to temper my desires for gadgets. Also as part of working for Clove I’ve got pretty good at being highly critical of marketing events and advertising materials – this helps a lot!

  • My thoughts on this is that Clove could do a system where they buy back your gadgets (at a higher rate than other recycling firms, on the premise that it is used for credit towards a new Clove gadget). Kind of like what Argos do, on the recycling sites you can recycle a phone for say £200 in cash, but if you choose Argos vouchers you get £220 instead. I have bought a Galaxy S8 because I couldn’t wait for the Note 8. However when it comes out I might be interested in it. I have the choice of either recycling my S8 easily, but at a lower cost or selling on Ebay with more difficulty, but getting more money for it. Many manufacturers are doing the upgrade programs where you pay monthly for your phone and get the latest handset every 11 months etc. However this will never work in my eyes if they are still going to charge high APR’s for customer loyalty. Samsung charges APR at least, Apple does not for iPhones it seems.

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