• Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features: Hi Res Audio

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    Hi Res Audio LogoHi Res Audio is something we’ve covered before on the Clove Blog. If you want a more in-depth explanation of the technology, then that article is the place to go.

    For a quick run-down, anything above CD quality sampling is considered high-resolution. “Hi Res audio”, as marketed by Sony, is an attempt to fit this into a standard.

    Artists, producers and others can have their music shared in one of several Hi Res formats. Of course, only Hi Res certifies devices can play these files back properly.

    Top-tier Sony smartphones have been Hi Res certified for a few generations now. The Xperia XZ Premium is no different.

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium | £649 | SIM Free

    It’s not just Hi Res certification that makes the XZ Premium stand out either. Sony have included other new technologies to ensure this is the go to phone for audiophiles.

    Binaural recording is one such technology. This uses dual-microphones to record audio in two channels. The resultant mix can create a stereo sound effect and enhance the illusion of ‘3D Sound’ in compatible headphones (not speakers).

    Automatic Headphone Optimisation (AHO) is included too, which will analyse your headphone type to create the right output. Frequencies are automatically balanced to to give you the optimum audio signal.

    Hi Res Audio

    Don’t have a decent pair of headphones to hand? Don’t worry! The XZ Premium’s speakers are second to none. The two front-mounted speakers deliver a pseudo three-dimensional effect, known as S-Force Front Surround. As long as you don’t disturb anyone nearby, turn them volume up to 11 to properly immerse yourself in games and videos.

    Want to send wireless audio? Bluetooth speakers are notoriously tricky, often stuttering or dropping bars. With LDAC technology, a more stable connection is made to compatible speakers alongside improved data rates.

    Digital Noise Cancelling is the last key piece of the audio puzzle. Compatible headphones make sure any frustrating external noises don’t interrupt your experience when relaxing to your favourite music.

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium Key Features

    • Android 7 (Nougat) – Enjoy the most recent version of Google’s OS
    • 64GB internal storage / up to 256GB micro SD
    • 2.45 GHz Snapdragon 835 / 4GB RAM
    • 5.5” screen – world first 4K HDR mobile display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    • 19 MP main camera – 4K recording, steady shot & MotionEYE slow motion
    • 13 MP selfie camera – stabilised for great images even in low light
    • Bluetooth 5.0 – Faster more reliable connections to peripherals and IoT equipment
    • 3,230 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 & QNOVO adaptive charging
    • IP65/68 water resistance (up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes)
    • USB Type-C / Fingerprint sensor / NFC
    • Hi-Res audio / PS4 Remote Play


    Sony Xperia XZ Premium | £649 | SIM Free

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review


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