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    DJI Spark Main Clove UKDJI’s popularity has soared as high as their drones in recent years. By far the most successful brand for drones and UAVs around the globe, their technology simply improves year on year.

    For many the Phantom range has been the best example of a high-tech consumer drone. Each iteration is crammed full of technology and whilst not cheap, certainly affordable as hobbyist gadgets go.

    Now for those that wan’t something even smaller and more portable is the DJI Spark. This diminutive drone can literally fit in the palm of your hand. In fact with gesture sensing technology, it has the ability to actually take off and land in your hand too!

    DJI Spark In Hand Clove UKThe most recent upgrades to DJI’s flight algorithms are available in the Spark. The smaller size means less sensors and a smaller battery, so it lacks some of the more advanced flight features of its larger brothers and stays in the air for a little less time.

    What you do get though is DJI’s easiest drone yet. Controlled via the DJI GO app for your smartphone, flight is as simple as tapping the screen or waving your hand. A full remote controller with control sticks is available separately or as part of the Fly More Combo.

    The basic Alpine White Spark is available now for £519. Other colours (Meadow Green, Lava Red, Sunrise Yellow and Sky Blue) will be available from August.

    DJI Spark | £519 | Clove Technology

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    Fly More Combo

    DJI Spark Fly More ComboIf you want to stay in the air for longer, then the Fly More Combo might interest you. On top of the standard box contents, this pack contains a handheld remote controller. With a slot for your smartphone and twin control sticks, you can gain fine precision control over your drone.

    The Fly More Combo also includes an extra flight battery, battery charging hub, propeller guards and a shoulder bag.

    Available from the week commencing 24th July, the Alpine White combo pack will cost £699. Colour versions are due in August.

    DJI Spark Videos

    DJI Spark Key Features

    • Miniaturised handheld drone: only 143 x 143 x 55 mm & 300 grams
    • DJI flight stability algorithms and collision avoidance
    • High performance 12 MP camera with 2-axis gimbal
    • Track moving subjects with ActiveTrack
    • Gesture Mode follows your hand movements
    • Tap to fly – set waypoints using LiveView on your smartphone screen
    • Intelligent battery provides direct Return To Home when low

    DJI Spark Blue Side Clove UK DJI Spark Underside Clove UK DJI Spark Red Top Clove UK



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