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    Macally Universal Cup Holder CloveAt Clove we find one of the most commonly requested phone accessories is a car mount. There are plenty of dash and windscreen mounts available to pick from. The Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount is a little bit different though.

    Where the majority of universal holders use a suction pad, or mounting clip system like Brodit, Macally does something a little different.

    Ever noticed how cup holders in modern cars all seem to be around the same size? Almost all modern cars now come with cup holders and due to the global market, a standard size is used by many.

    The Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount has a shaped base that fits this perfectly. This can also be adjusted to accommodate a few non-standard sizes too.

    £19 | Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount

    Simply slot the Macally mount into the cup holder and it will be secured in place. You can then adjust the 10cm (4”) neck through a wide range of positions; this accounts for the cup holder position in your vehicle, as well as your preferred driving style.

    Your phone sits in a solid universal mounting bracket. Spring-loaded arms (for phones 44-105 mm) provide a stable mounting platform and the soft-touch panel avoids scratches to the handset. The holder also rotates through 360 degrees.

    Many smartphone holders attach to the windscreen and can potentially obstruct your field of view. The Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount can be positioned safely out of your line of sight, but still within a usable distance.

    A hassle-free installation, the holder does not require screws or a permanent fix.

    Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount Video

    Reasons to buy Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount

    • Adjustable base fits most vehicle cup holders
    • Adjustable grip fits devices (in cases) 44 – 105 mm wide
    • 10cm (4”) flexible bending neck
    • 360º degree rotating holder
    • Soft-touch grip on arms and back panel
    • Arm grip release button

    Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount is available for just £19 (£15.83 ex-VAT)

    £19 | Macally Universal Cup Holder Mount


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