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    When you are away from home you do not ever really know what is going on.

    Did the kids arrive home at the right time? Did you close the gate? Has the gardener been? Did you close all the windows and doors?

    These are questions we all have from time to time. For most there are 2 solutions. Number 1, go back and check. Number 2, leave it and hope for the best until you return later.

    With the TCL Life Home Monitoring Kit, the answers to these questions are right there in the palm of your hand.

    A modular system, the intention is that your monitoring kit can adapt and grow around your needs and wants.

    The monitoring kit has the essentials to get you up and running, but you can add on extra cameras, door and motion sensors to build a bigger, stronger and more robust monitoring system for your home.

    Professionally installed alarm and CCTV systems are expensive and can often disrupt your home, but that need not be the case with these simple plug and play modules.

    The monitoring kit is not designed to necessarily replace alarms or hard wired CCTV systems but add an extra dimension and allow you to monitor your home.

    Using WiFi and Zigbee technology the components talk to each without the need for hard-wired cables but via a means that is efficient on battery life.

    Via the dedicated application available for your Android or iOS smartphone, you can connect to your home, see what’s happening and assess whether you need to take any actions. Get confirmation if doors and windows are closed and alerted when they are opened.

    Stylish, yet discreet the components within the TCL Life monitoring kit will fit neatly into your home.

    The kit contains:

    LIFECONNET Home Bridge

    LIFECONNECT home bridge connects with the home gateway and links all the smart devices, so LIFECAM interacts with signals from LIFESENSE and LIFEDETECT. It allows products using different protocols (WiFi, ZigBee and AllSeen) to interact with each other. The application is available both for iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.0+ smartphones.

    TCL LIFECAM WiFi IP Camera

    LIFECAM supports a 100 degree angle view, digital zoom x4, night view, 720P@30fps resolution, two-way audio, micro SD card slot for local storage, and 360 degree pan, 180 degree tilt rotation.

    Find out more or buy a LIFECAM here.

    TCL LIFSENSE Door & Window Sensor

    LIFESENSE sensors send alerts when any intruder enters the house via door or windows to which the sensor is fitted.

    Find out more or buy a Door & Windows Sensor here.

    TCL LIFEDETECT Motion Sensor

    LIFEDETECT motion detectors send alerts when any intruder walks by.

    Both LIFESENSE and LIFEDETECT support the ZigBee protocol. A user replaceable battery can last for two years, depending on usage. When the battery levels are low, flashing red lights will alert the user, along with an alert message that’s sent to the user’s smartphone.

    Containing one of each module, extra cameras, door & window as well as motion sensors can be purchased separately.

    Find out more or buy a Motion Sensor here.

    TLC Life Application

    Not included but available to download for free, for Android & iOS, this app is how you interact and control the modules of the system.

    Connect to your wireless network, connect to the devices you have in your home and link them together.  Setup complete, begin setting the profiles and rules that you want.

    Want a camera to activate when a sensor detects movement, but only between certain times?  No problem.  Want it to alert you if the action has been triggered? Consider it done.

    There is no simple way to quantify the number of scenarios in which the TCL Life Monitoring Kit can be used. One persons needs and requirements may be different to another.

    Whilst not designed to be a primary home security solution, it can assist with this.  Detecting movement of special objects, tracking others and notifying and recording movement in other locations.

    Whether you use it to track activities in your own home or that of a vulnerable relative the system can be adapted to best meet your needs.

    Of course the number and complexity of the automation that you set will be based on your setup and the number of and which components you own.

    One example might be:

    • Trigger: Movement detected by a senosr attached to a window or door
    • Action: Image or short video captured by camera postioned overlooking the window or door
    • Schedule: Occurs any time the tag is moved
    • Notification: You get an email.


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    Reasons to buy TCL LIFE Home Monitoring Kit

    • Monitor remotely your home or office
    • iOS and Android application – Login and monitor your modules whilst receiving alerts and notifications
    • 720p HD LIFECAM inculded – Two way audio support, microSD card slot, 360 degree pan and 180 degree tilt rotation
    • Motion sensor included – Detects physical motion with a room
    • Door and window sensor included – Detects motion when line of sight is broken between two components of sensor
    • Home bridge included – Connects the LIFE system to the internet and allows communication with smartphone application
    • Battery powered – Up to 2 years battery life
    • No professional installation required – Simple and easy to fit
    • Uses WiFi and Zigbee for internet and device communication
    • Expand the system with ease

    TCL LIFE Home Monitoring Kit Box Contents

    • TCL LIFECONNET Home Bridge
    • TCL LIFECAM WiFi IP Camera
    • TCL LIFESENSE Door & Window Sensor
    • TCL LIFEDETECT Motion Sensor

    Available from June, the costs of the kit and components are as follows:

    Technical Specification of TCL LIFECONNECT Home Bridge

    • Qualcomm QCA4531
    • Zigbee chipset: NXP JN5169
    • Zigbee 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz, ZHA1.2
    • 128MB NAND Flash + 64MB DDR2 SDRAM
    • WiFi – 802.11n, 2.4GHz, 75Mbps, 1×1 Antenna
    • AllSeen Supported
    • LED light for WiFi/Zigbee connection status
    • 1x Micro USB2.0 (for power supply), 5V/1A
    • 1x Reboot/Repair key
    • 1x Reset hole
    • App managed
    • Certifications: Zigbee Alliance, WiFi Alliance, CE
    • Dimension and weight: 61.5 x 61.5 x 14.5mm – 70g

    Technical Specification of TCL LIFECAM WiFi IP Camera

    • Chipset: AK3918E – 64MB DDR2 + 256MB Flash
    • WiFi: 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n, 150Mbps
    • Lens: 108º angle
    • Night Vision 5m
    • Resolution: 720P@30fps – 4 X Digital Zoom
    • Sensor: 1MP CMOS Sensor
    • Video/Audio Codec: H.264, FLV, aLaw, JPEG
    • Alarm: motion and sound detection
    • 1 x Mic, 1 x Speaker
      MicroSD Slot (up to 32GB)
      1x Micro USB 2.0, 1A/5V
    • Rotation: 180º manual tilt – 360º manual pan
    • Cloud live stream
    • Dimension and weight: 80.5 x 75.5 x 55 mm – 124 g

    Technical specification of TCL LIFESENSE Door & Window Sensor

    • Zigbee chipset: NXP JN5169 – Zigbee 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz, ZHA 1.2
    • Battery: 1x CR2032 (coin battery – 2years life)
    • Installation gap <20mm
    • LED indicators (Blue/Red for connection and battery status)
    • 1x Reset/pair hole
    • Security: AES-128
    • App OS: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.0+
    • Dimension and weight: Main part 48.5 x 25.8 x 11.3 mm – 9g – Sub part 45 x 11 x 11.3 mm – 6.5g

    Technical specification of TCL LIFEDETECT Motion Sensor

    • Zigbee chipset: NXP JN5169
    • Zigbee – 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz, ZHA 1.2
    • MuRata PIR sensor
    • Battery: 1x CR2450 (coin battery, 2years life)
    • Detection range: 8 meters
    • Detection angle: 110º horizontal, 40º vertical
    • LED indicators (Blue/Red for connection and battery status)
    • Wall mounting accessory in the box
    • 1x Reset/pair hole
    • Security: AES-128
    • App OS: iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.0+
    • Dimension and weight: 32.9×35 mm – 22g


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