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    The new Moto G5 has just launched. With that information, you may be wondering what’s changed compared to last year’s model.

    There are in fact quite a few significant changes, so sit back and let’s go through them.


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    Moto G5 Silver

    The G4 really shines with its screen. It was the first Moto G device to feature a Full HD (1080 x 1920) panel. Moto also decided on a large 5.5 inch panel. These two specifications did put the price up and some thought the G4 had lost the original affordable ethos of the Moto G range.

    Still the display was very good for a handset at this price point. With fairly narrow bezels, the screen covers most of the front of the phone. The bezel on top has room for the earpiece which doubles up as a speaker as well as the front facing camera.

    The brand new G5 goes back to a 5-inch screen. Those looking for larger will need to hunt down the G5 Plus. In a world of phones with big screens, 5″ is the new sweet spot – you won’t find much smaller. The G5’s IPS panel stays at 1080 x 1920 Full HD too.


    The dimensions of these phones follow:

    • Moto G4: 153 x 76.6 x 7.9 – 9.8 mm
    • Moto G5: 144.3 x 73 x 9.5 mm

    This shows that Motorola have made the G5 to be that little bit smaller. It returns to a size many people are used to and consider more comfortable.

    Of course being different sizes,  the handsets are different weights. The G4 is 155 grams and the G5 is 144.5 grams. That is a whole 10.5 grams difference, which might not sound a lot, but definitely adds up when in your hand all day. The G4’s metallic body being replaces by plastics in the G5 also helps here.


    Moto G4 White

    The side of the Moto G4 has only two hardware keys, the volume rocker and power key. Slots for the SD and SIM cards are not situated on the side of the phone, they are located under the removable back cover.

    After removing the back cover a few times, you will realise it is a fairly durable. It also has a textured coating that gives a grippy feel in the hand.

    With the Moto G4 you don’t receive the full metal body of top-tier handsets. However there is a metal frame and the overall finish is very tidy even with the mix of materials. The plastics used are sturdy and the G4 feels solid in hand.

    The G5 has a fairly chunky design. This doesn’t feel ugly or thick by itself but when sat next to the G4 doesn’t look as refined. Still, it’s closer to the original look and feel of the Moto G range and may be a better ergonomic choice.

    The new Moto G5 is more utilitarian compared to the G4. Straight up and down, with only a hint of curvature across the back. The removable back cover has a two-tone effect but doesn’t feel as solid as the G4’s plate.

    Under here are the SIM/SD trays. There’s also a removable battery which is a first for the G series. Finally, a fingerprint sensor sits where the bottom speaker was on the G4. This is a simple oval pad; it doesn’t click but can act as a navigation button.


    Overall both the G4 and the G5 have been really good handsets for the money. The designs of the units are professional looking even without the premium materials.

    One design being better than the other is down to preference, depending whether you want a larger handset or not. As well as this its about what materials you like and how you prefer a phone to feel in your hand.


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