• BlackBerry KEYone User Guide / Manual

    By Jon , May 3, 2017 - Leave a comment

    The BlackBerry KEYone re-imagines how we communicate and get work done. It’s also got everything you would expect in a smartphone. A high-resolution screen and camera, plus the latest Android OS with access to Google Play and any app you could want.

    The KEYone is the BlackBerry smartphone that many wanted when the original Passport launched. An Android phone with a BlackBerry keyboard and added security.

    It’s almost 2 years since the Passport launched; the KEYone isn’t exactly like it, but is very similar. Unlike the all-touch smartphones which now dominate the smartphone space, the BlackBerry KEYone targets a different market.

    Those who value efficiency will love the battery life and physical keyboard. A 4.5” touchscreen sits above the 4 row QWERTY keyboard to give you the best of both worlds.

    BlackBerry KEYone User Guide

    Below you can find the digital version of the BlackBerry KEYone user manual.

    Hopefully the user manual will answer any questions you have about the device. If there is anything that isn’t covered, or you have questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or contact our sales team.

    BlackBerry KEYone User Manual


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