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    Back at the end of February, Mobile Word Congress was running in Barcelona. Every year, major brands showcase their technology and ideas for the upcoming year.

    It’s not just the likes of Sony and LG that appear though. Many other brands and independent products appear to promote themselves and possibly even secure investment.

    Doro devices may not be in every home, however they are the global leader for mobile technology aimed at seniors. This puts them in a prominent position to deliver products and services to a rapidly growing demographic. At MWC, Doro outlined plans to expand their Doro Care services in the UK and Ireland.

    Doro Care Portfolio

    Doro Care BundleDoro Care products are not designed for the average consumer. There are a range of Doro devices that do provide a smartphone experience, but it is not these.

    Doro Care models are simplified mobile phones and related equipment, with additional safety features aimed at over-65s.

    Recent data suggests that the average age of the European population advances at roughly two days a week. Almost a quarter (24.3%) of the UK’s population may be aged 65 or older by 2039.

    Of course plenty in this generation are familiar with modern technology. Yet just as many have lived their lives to now without more than a very basic mobile phone, if even that.

    We are also much more active. It’s very common for retirees to continue with voluntary work and travel at this stage in their lives. Yet with age comes additional risk. Even the fittest among us may need help as time advances.

    As such Doro considers it important to provide accessible technology. Something more advanced than a basic mobile is required, that also doesn’t require those using it to learn several new and complicated systems.

    There is demand for such and Doro’s range of additional services can provide assistance during unforeseen events.

    The full range of Doro Care products is available here. Additionally, the i-care Online service can provide you with remote management and support. Interested parties can purchase packages of hardware and support on monthly contracts for individuals or businesses

    Doro Care i-care Online

    Doro Care Handsets and Features

    All of the following devices will work with Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs).

    Doro Secure® 628

    Doro Secure 628This easy-to-use flip-phone has a traditional style that many will find familiar.

    There are options for large text, plus separated keys make typing much easier, lowering the possibility of pressing the wrong button.

    Other benefits include high-volume sound. It also provides SMS (text messaging), a 2 megapixel camera and quick function keys.

    Doro Secure® 580IP

    Doro Secure 580IPThis is an extremely simplified handset. The phone stores only 4 contacts with direct calling buttons for each.

    The phone’s keeper doesn’t have to recall any numbers to use the 580IP. They just have to press the button next to a name. Tapping green or red will answer and end or reject incoming calls.

    The manufacturing is durable or resist drops or impacts if kept in a pocket during a fall. It is also splash resistant.

    Extra-loud sound is provided along with Hearing Aid compatibility.

    Doro Secure® 480

    Doro Secure 480Slightly different, the 480 is a personal safety wristwatch. It features sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities.

    These enhance the wearer’s safety by reporting their location. It can also detect a sharp change in elevation, which could indicate a fall.

    If distressed or in need of help, the user can contact the Alarm Receiving Centre at the push of a button.

    Doro 3500

    A simple wristband with a push button, the 3500 is a Bluetooth alarm trigger. Water resistant so it can be worn in the shower, the button can trigger a compatible Doro alarm within 20 metres.

    Doro Alarm Application (DAA)

    An additional application for Doro smartphones such as the Liberto® 825 and the 8030. When downloaded and installed, the phone will be compatible with Alarm Receiving Centres.

    Doro Care Functions

    Several individual functions of the Doro Care system assist in personal safety. For instance one can set ‘safety timers’. If someone is leaving for an errand or short trip, an “Are you okay?” request is sent if the individual does not check in. Should no response be received to this, an alarm can be raised.

    The Doro IP protocol and GPS can ensure the user’s location is tracked by an Alarm Receiving Centre. Geo fencing can also be used to create ‘safe-zones’. Should someone leave the defined areas, automatic messages can be sent.

    The tried and tested automation makes the technology much more accessible to those using it. Plus it provides a sense of confidence for family members and other loved ones who cannot be around every day.

    What the bosses think

    Robert Puskaric, Doro Group CEO has this to say:

    “The population demographic change requires new ways of delivering social care. Doro’s smart technology for seniors that wish to live at home has led to more mobility thanks to the know-how from our consumer portfolio, and when coupling these two, we find a perfect match.”

    Chris Millington, Doro’s UK & IE Managing Director adds:

    “It is our vision to support users and their family through our devices and services. Every Doro Care product leverages Doro’s extensive knowledge and experience of ease of use, ensuring that those who are more vulnerable can confidently use their device, removing any barrier to a mobile solution. In addition Hearing Aid Compatibility, adjustable tone controls, direct dials, improved UI and ergonomic design all add to the users confidence.”

    About Doro

    Doro develops telecom products and services for seniors to lead full and rich lives. The company is the global market-leader in mobile phones for seniors. Doro offers easy-to-use mobile phones, smartphones, mobile applications and fixed-line telephony.

    Within Doro Group, Doro Care offers social care and tele-care solutions. These are aimed at elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their own homes.

    Doro AB is a Swedish public company. Its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies.

    Source: Doro Blog


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