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    A couple of months ago I wrote an article on this blog, asking ‘Can mobile devices replace a computer?

    Whilst many have differing views, my general feeling is that for a large proportion of mobile device users, the smartphone can replace the computer. But, there are scenarios where desktops still reign supreme.

    One of the biggest draws has to be efficiency and productivity from a more ‘work’ focused set up.

    Samsung DeX Logo

    So a few weeks on and Samsung unveil DeX. Have you heard about Samsung DeX?

    Samsung DeXIf you have, then great. If not, you might want to check out this previous post explaining Samsung DeX in quite a bit of detail.

    As a summary, the concept is one that allows you to leave your desktop or laptop computer behind. When coupled with the DeX Docking Station, keyboard, mouse and monitor, your smartphone becomes the computer. You get a desktop like experience, but it is all powered from your phone.

    DeX gives you what you want from a desktop experience: big screen, full-size keyboard, peripherals and multi-tasking.

    Questions have been raised across the web at the point of the DeX Station. From what I have seen so far, many commenters are saying the general idea is good, but may be too expensive and impractical to be truly useful.

    Whilst it clearly won’t be for everyone, I really do think this solution is more practical than many might first think.

    One problem though is that many will not be made aware of this system. I’m not convinced Samsung or big retailers will properly showcase just what DeX can do or how it could benefit people.

    So, I am here to present some scenarios of how and why DeX is a great solution for many consumers.

    Samsung DeX Monitor

    Getting work done

    This could be considered more of a business argument, but the fact is from time to time, even in your personal life, you simply need to get some work done.

    There’s plenty of personal scenarios that might be considered ‘work’. Consider comparing and changing energy suppliers or car insurance. Perhaps you need to send a letter or email to the kid’s school or want to catch up with an old friend with a detailed email.

    Maybe you need to research something or write to a company. You want to see the full desktop websites and get the best browsing experience. Plus having several tabs and windows makes multitasking and switching focus much easier.

    Now all of these can be done via the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. However the large screen, keyboard and mouse offered through DeX can be really beneficial, allowing you to interact quicker and more accurately.

    Displaying/sharing content on the big screen

    This could be photos, videos or even a document. If you want to share content, doing so via a monitor or TV is much better than a phone screen. Even if the Galaxy S8 series has relatively large displays.

    DeX allows for people to view the content far more comfortably than being huddled around a phone screen.

    Perfect examples might be showing off holiday snaps or video clips you took when out at the zoo.

    Samsung DeX Screen Multi Window

    It’s a cheaper solution

    Samsung DeX DockYes, the dock for Samsung DeX might be £130 including VAT. But this is still going to be cheaper than another full PC or laptop. Especially if said computer is only going to sit in the corner for occasional use.

    You will need a screen, keyboard and mouse but you need those with a computer too. You may also be able to re-purpose these peripherals from an existing computer set up.

    Paying for a computer may bring some other benefits. Yet if the primary purpose of that computer is to do things which can be done on the S8, then why not sue DeX?

    You might be considering a tablet as a route to be more productive. Why though, when a DeX dock can connect your TV and provide a solution even more capable?

    It saves time

    Do you rarely use your laptop or desktop computer? Maybe it’s a bit old and does not perform like it once did, taking forever to boot up. The DeX solution could be significantly quicker.

    It can also save time when sharing content. For example if you have photos, video, documents and other files on the S8 that you would have to otherwise transfer across to the computer to use.

    With DeX all the content is stored on the phone – the device you carry in your pocket. Just dock it and within seconds you can be up and running.

    Wired is more reliable than wireless

    Whilst I am personally a big fan of Chromecast and Miracast that rely on wireless technologies, they can sometimes be a bit unreliable.

    Connections may drop out and at that point you lose control making the experience a frustrating one, usually at times you really need it to just work!

    And much more…

    The few examples presented above are just that, examples.  There are many more reasons or situations in which this might be a useful option for you or people you know.

    Do you have a scenario that you intend to use this in? Maybe you have the DeX already, if so how are you using it? Let me know in the comments below.


    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • All the things you mentioned are kind of pointless. You can use any keyboard at any time without DeX, just connect it with the USB adaptor that comes in the S8 box or via bluetooth. You can watch anything in a TV wirelessly, the connection kind of sucks now but will improve in the future. Anything can be done with the Chrome tabs and recent apps without the use of DeX. The only way I’m buying this product is if they make it work with Windows 10, that would trully be productive. Until then, I’m gonna keep using my cheaper and faster PC.

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