• Nonda iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finder

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    TNonda iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finderhe Nonda iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finder can be useful to almost everyone, we can all leave our keys somewhere and forget about it until it comes to finding them. This device was made to help in this situation.

    To use the Nonda iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finder all you will need to do is: attach it to your chosen set of keys, one click within a dedicated app and you will be able to locate your keys within a 75-foot radius. The key finder will even make a sound which will enable you to hear your keys.

    It also has the extra feature of being able to help to control some of your phone’s capabilities. This includes being able to capture the perfect self-portrait or recording voice memos.

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    This is all done with a simple button click, ensuring you dont have to hold it in awkward positions.

    There is no need to change batteries. The integrateNonda iHere 3.0 Smart Key Finder Appd rechargeable battery lasts for, up to, several weeks. When necessary it can be charged using the USB interface.

    At just under £25, this an affordable little gadget that could make an excellent gift!


    • Compact design – easy to carry
    • Rechargeable battery – lasts weeks
    • Dedicated app – iPhone and Google
    • Never lose your keys again


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