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    The thought of a 4K HDR display on a mobile device sounds like a bit of overkill right?  The realist within me would agree with this, however the geek in me says no, not at all.

    These 2 personas clash when you see the XZ Premium‘s screen in action. WOW!  This is really really good.

    Natural colours and superb detail, the Premium nature of this device is very apparent.

    We have the XZ Premium in the Clove offices and are testing it out to see what it is like to use on a daily basis.  It has only just arrived so too early to give a full and detailed opinion, but we know you like to see all the latest smartphones just as much as us, so here is a hands on video giving you a tour and run down of some of the key features and specifications.

    Our full written and video review will go into more depth and look at some of the key features such as the super slow motion video recording, but until then, enjoy!

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium | Pre Order

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium Specifications

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium SIM Free Clove

    • Android 7 (Nougat) Operating System – The latest version of the OS with Google services and apps pre-installed with access to many more via the Play Store
    • 64GB internal storage – Plenty of space to store apps and other media
    • 4GB RAM – Do more with less lag and slow down
    • MicroSD memory card slot – Expand the storage options on the handset
    • 5.5” 4K HDR display – A super rich and immersive screen with immense detail and clarity
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 – Scratches and impacts are resisted front and back thanks to this toughened glass
    • 3,230 mAh battery – All day battery life with battery saving technology built in
    • Quick charge 3.0 – When you need power, charge faster
    • Water resistant – IP65/68 rated it can be immersed in fresh water to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes
    • 19 MP rear camera – Capture great pictures and video with 4K recording, 8x digital zoom, steady shot, super slow motion and quick capture
    • 13 MP front-facing camera – Stabilised with great images even in low light
    • 4G connectivity – Download quickly on the go and remain connected
    • Bluetooth 5.0 – For fast, reliable connection to peripherals
    • USB Type-C – The reversible connector makes for simple cable connections
    • Fingerprint sensor – Secure your device from unwanted access, but unlock quickly too
    • Hi-Res audio support – Listen to music in more detail
    • PS4 Remote Play – Play your PlayStation 4 from your smartphone – from anywhere, providing you and your PS4 have internet connectivity

    The first units are arriving the first week of June in Deepsea Black, priced at £649 including VAT.

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium | Pre Order


    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


    • Hi Roland – we don’t have the final specifications but I am 99.9% sure this will be OK.

      T-Mobile USA use LTE bands 2, 4 & 12. All other recent Sony phones we’ve stocked have had support for these.

  • I have a question about this phone. It’s spec is seriously impressive, it has the latest everything (Snapdragon, Bluetooth, Screen etc…) but does it support the faster MicroSD cards? UHS-II vs UHS-I? Very interested if it does or doesn’t support UHS-II so I know what SD Card to buy for it.

    • Good question Chris! That’s not something listed on the spec sheets, I would have to ask our Sony rep (if they know!)

      Most of the highest end phones have supported UHS-I (U1) for a while now. I haven’t seen any explicitly supporting UHS-II or U3 yet though.

      • Thanks Josh! I’m very interested to see what Sony come back with! If this phone supports UHS-II would be awesome! The read & Write speeds are in the 150Mbps+ range rather than just below 100Mbps. I’m still going to pre-order this phone from you guys next month either way, it would just make buying an SD card for it a bit easier knowing what type of SD card to get.

      • Hi Josh, I’ve just put my pre-order in, did you get an answer out of Sony about UHS-II compatibility?

        • Hi Chris, no I haven’t and I haven’t followed up on it either so thanks for the reminder. It’s the type of question that needs to find its way to the right person – I will ask again now

          • Hi Josh, I’ve seen a couple of reviews on the phone now and although nothing specifically states UHS-II in the reviews, from the pictures i’ve found of the SD Card tray it appears to be normal UHS-I.

          • I’m still not getting a direct response on this. If it was something explicitly stated in the spec then I think Sony would be quick to confirm it. For now I think it’s best to err on the side of caution and assume a UHS-I only

          • Thanks Josh, Indeed, It seems it’s UHS-I. Eventually Mobile Manufacturers will get round to implementing UHS-II. I’ve gone and got the fastest Sony branded UHS-I Micro SD card I could find. Just waiting on Sony to actually release the phone now 🙂

            The picture I found of the SD Card Tray is below, you can see on the little symbol on the tray of an SD card with a single row of pins. I would assume if it was UHS-II, the symbol would specifically show two rows of pins:


  • Is there any chance you guys can connect it to a DJI Phantom controller? Xz didn’t support the connection method used by phantoms so would never connect to the controller or app, kind of a deal breaker for me.

    • Hi Tim – unfortunately not. We don’t have any DJI drones here, nor do any of the staff own one.

      What was the issue with the connection method? I’m surprised Sony phones didn’t work seeing as they run a modern Android installation. Is there some kind of specific protocol that DJI use?

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