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    Zebra Products – Tough and Reliable

    Zebra TC51

    Consumer smartphones are ideal for the average user, offering us ever more powerful specifications.  Delighting us with their ultra thin designs, and great looks.  They are however generally not suitable for business applications.

    When we are talking about business applications, we are not referring to using a smartphone in a typical office.  Where phones from the likes of Apple and Samsung are of course perfectly good options.  We are instead addressing the need for this type of product in a warehouse, retail or outdoors environment.

    Workers then need highly reliable products, which can cope with drops and exposure to water. This is where a more robust product becomes a necessity.  The range of products from Zebra cater for this need and offer features which are both practical and useful.


    So what can you expect with a Zebra product?  Firstly you are using products produced by a company which is world-renowned for manufacturing high-quality, reliable items.  In the past Zebra’s products centred around printers and accessories.

    More recently, they have moved into producing business grade smartphone / mobile computer products. This was following the acquisition of Motorola Solutions a couple of years ago.

    Next, you have to understand that these phones are truly tough.  They are constructed from the ground up to withstand impacts, with quality checks being performed to guarantee their durability.

    In addition, they can deal with extremes in temperatures, humidity and vibration. This is something consumer products are not able to handle. All this means that you have a product you can rely on for usage within your business.

    Latest Technology

    Zebra TC75In the past, businesses have found many restrictions on the technology available to enterprise-class mobile computers.  Fast updates and bleeding-edge developments in technology are often restricted to consumer products. This is no longer the case, as Zebra now includes features including USB Type-C and compatibility with larger SD cards in their recent products.

    These improvements, along with the inclusion of faster wireless communication (4G and ac Wi-Fi ), mean that workers are able to interact better, downloading information faster and becoming more productive.

    Barcode Scanners

    A major part of many businesses is stock management. It is however often difficult to carry out without adequate controls.

    With this in mind, many of the available Zebra Mobile computers offer integrated 1D barcode scanners.  Like many other parts of these products the scanners are of exceptional quality.

    A scanner allows workers to quickly perform stock checks, or confirm stock availability with little effort. Since Zebra scanners have an extended range, they do not need positioning directly next to the barcodes when scanning, and can even recognise slightly damaged codes.

    Network Connection / Security

    A business will often commit to using the same products in various countries.  This can cause problems with network frequencies, and in some case the Wi-Fi reception as well.

    Zebra understands this and deploys their products with a wide choice of network frequencies for telecommunications. This is coupled with the most complete Wi-Fi LAN certification we have seen, ensuring that there are never connection issues.

    Security is an important part of any business. Wi-Fi / LAN connections are often a cause of concern for many IT administrators. When introducing new equipment, it needs to blend into the existing infrastructure quickly. Adherance with existing network security is also paramount. With this in mind, security and encryption technologies have been included.

    Return on Investment

    Many consumer smartphones are only on the market for a limited amount of time. Typically just a couple of years. Support for them also starts to disappear rapidly after the statutory warranty period has expired.

    This is not the case with Zebra products.

    Zebra commit to ensuring each product line is available for 5 years. Support is then available for a further 5 years afterwards. This commitment gives business the ability to invest in their infrastructure, with the knowledge that the products they buy will receive support for years to come.


    Currently, we are offering the Zebra TC51 and TC75 on our website. Please see key features below.

    Zebra TC51Zebra TC51 Key Features

    • Android 6.0 Marshmallow – support updates to Android (‘N’ and ‘O’)
    • Zebra Mobility Extension (Mx) – enterprise class protection
    • 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit processor – blazing fast performance
    • 5-inch High Definition 720p screen – wet finger mode, and enhanced daylight viewing
    • 13MB rear camera – perfect for capturing copies of documents
    • 4,030 mAh battery – full working day usage with Warm Swap mode
    • IP67 and IP65 sealing – protects within wet and dusty environments
    • Rugged design – able to withstand multiple 1.2 drops on concrete

    Zebra TC51 | Clove Technology

    Zebra TC75 Key Features

    Zebra TC75

    • Android 4.4.3 (KitKat) or 6.0 (Marshmallow) – Depending on specification
    • Zebra Mobility Extension (Mx) – enterprise class protection
    • 1.7 GHz dual-core processor – balance power and performance
    • 4.7-inch High Definition 720p screen – wet finger mode, and enhanced daylight viewing
    • 8MB rear camera – perfect for capturing copies of documents
    • IP67 sealing – protects in wet and dusty environments
    • Rugged design – able to withstand 2.4-metre drop on concrete

    Zebra TC75 | Clove Technology

    In addition we offer a range of Zebra accessories, which are suitable for current and earlier models. Check out the full range on our website.

    If however, you can’t see the item(s) you need, please contact us as we will be able to help you.


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